Discover the uplifting power of scent with Kleenex + [My guide to diy a rose from tissue paper]


Just 2 weeks ago, when I was in Hospital Kuala Lumpur for my surgical posting, I received a call from a stranger, telling me that he is delivering a parcel to me at my dorm. That time I din't bother much about it and asked him to just leave it at my dorm office. I'm too occupied by my preparation of patient case presentation in the afternoon which I had clerk them earlier in the 7am. I'm only to arrived my dorm at 7pm that day and  very exhausted mentally and physically.Totally forgot that there was a parcel waiting for me.
Just until the moment I saw my dorm officer handled over the rectangle box tied delicately with a pink ribbon to me, all my tiredness just immediately reduced by half. Everything is so present-like, even the officer asked me whether that day is my birthday. Hahaha

This is the parcel specially delivered from the Kleenex team and the description itself already point out my feelings. That day was a really stressful day for me being need to wake up early and present a case to a strict specialist.It just feel wonderful that I got pampered by such a thoughtful gift after an overwhelming day.

Without able to hold myself, I just unpack it immediately after finish taking the above picture, hehe..wondering anything special inside?

The moment I open up the box, that's a pleasant smell that triggered my olfactory nerve which makes me feel more positive and nurturing. It was the smell from Kleenex first-ever 3-ply scented facial tissues which was infused with rose essential oil or cherry blossom fragrance for an absolutely delightful and uplifting user experience.

In my opinion, I think that everyone loves to smell great. I mean great scent of someone will easily draw people into it. That's why there's various types of fragrances exist in this world.
And, after reading some articles, I found out that fragrance can actually benefit us in a lot of way. Let's see..

It is also known that floral scents in particular cultivate a happier, more optimistic outlook and this can have a positive effect on how people interact with others - just imagine the impact a pack of Kleenex® 3-Ply Scented Facial Tissues can have around the home and office, or carried around in a purse!   

“In essence, every time a person uses the scented facial tissues, it elevates the normal act of cleaning up to a sensorial experience that lifts your spirits, making it easier to deal with the demands of daily life."

Inspired from the Kleenex team, I decided to give people around me each a rose made from Klennex scented tissues.

To those that are interested to know the making process, here is my picture guide for it. It took me around one minute to complete a stalk of flower.
Materials :
1) Two pieces of kleenex scented tissue.
2) One piece of rectangle paper( can use any wrapping paper of your choice).
3) One cotton bud( can use flower stem too)
4) One rubber band.
5) One string or ribbon for finishing.

All the materials here are already available in my room. You all too can choose anything from your house. Be creative! Even a newspaper or magazine paper could be a nice wrapping paper too!

Step 5 Roll it
Step 6 In between of one roll, fold a triangle so that there will be an edge.
Step 7 One piece of tissue definitely is not enough to complete for a flower, so you have take the second piece and continue with the first piece.
Step 8. Tadaaaaaa. Congratz, you have just successfully complete your first diy paper rose!

So, a plain stalk of rose could be just boring without any wrapping.
Step 9 Take the rectangle paper and fold like in the picture.
Step 10 Wrap around the flower.

Step 10 Secure it with a rubber band
Step 11 Finish off with a nice string or ribbon (based on your own preference)

Christmas is coming soonnnn, every year I will prepare some presents to the special people around me. And Kleenex just come at the right moment, it helps me alot for my gift ideas.

Each of the Christmas present that I'm going to give out, it is attached with a handmade rose from the Kleenex scented tissue.
I believed that the scented rose will actually brighten up my friends day and siooo away the bad feelings.

Here are my example of gifts:

I love the idea of filling up the whole gift box with these tissue paper roses. It's not only give out pleasant smell but appeared great for the on-desk decoration too!

So, my lovely friend, do you ready for the Christmas gift I'm giving out this year?

Here are some description for this first-ever scented facial tissue in Malaysia.
And before you leave, don't forget to claim your free sample of Kleenex scented facial tissue.

click the banner below to claim your free sample now

Look for the new Kleenex® 3-Ply Scented Facial Tissues in box packs (RM10.30 for four packs of 74 sheets and RM14.55 for four packs of 114 sheets) and soft packs (RM5.35 for four packs of 46 sheets).

Have a good day with nice scent.
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Till then, goodbye. Love you too^^

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