Back to school! Dorm make-over =)


No matter you are having your breakfast,lunch or dinner now..
or you are just spending your boring time here....

Let's just take a sip of milo, coffee, whatever...
Don't let that back to school pressure overwhelmed u

Tomorrow will be my third year in medical school. I'm pretty excited actually for that clinical year =)
Then I think that sharing with you all how I organize my dorm quite suite the topic of "back to school" today.
Many people that ever visited my room told me that, "this is not really look like a medical student room!" 
I admit that I'm a girl that love DIY, crafts,interior designs things so much that I wanted to put all that elements inside my room as well.

For me, I want a cool dorm room.But, typically , standard college dorm only provide bare necessities, resulting in a no-frills space void of personal fair.
Decorating a dorm room can be overwhelming for any new students. So, I suggest you all to MAN MAN LAI ( slowly) , determine your own style and decorate based on it.

My room theme - pink &blue( college provide pink curtains, blue wardrobe,shelf~), hello kitty.
You'll find decorating ideas, small space storing solutions and bedding basics here =)

I have a very very small wardrobe but I got lots of clothes. Then how? If you are poor in organizing thing, then you will end up stuffing all your clothes inside it and end up look so messy!

Last time i used boxes to organize all my here. Then, the boxes like cannot tahan heavy clothes, so I changed to a RM30 3-tiers woodshelf bought from Giant.
If you have a small wardrobe like mine, I strongly suggest to keep your clothes like this(in pictures) , so it will easy for u to find them and at the same time u can utilize all the spaces provided.

I scrolled all my clothes so that it would easy to be pulled out later.
1. All the handbags on the highest part.
2.Belts all hang across the clothes hanger site.
3. Left side as my casual wear part, right is all about formal wear.
4.utilize the closet door as my beauty bar.The pinky thing is the one I bought from Daiso,cost me RM15 for one. There are 2 big magnets behind which I can attach it on the door.
5. lingerie lies neatly inside the drawer.
6.Then, the bottom part for all my outing wears =)

That's all about the wardrobe. Let's move on to the bookshelf.
This is the "after" photo.
1. Left corner (to put plastic bags only)- made from a gift box, then put some double sided tape on it. Tadaa=), it's better than put them on floor or in the wardrobe cox very waste of space.
2.Upper corner to put all the medical books, magazines and novels.
3.Then the bottom part sure foods and snacks lar. Easy to grab when hungry ^^. Blue box bought from Daiso too, RM5 only. Pink box made it myself, tutorial below.

1. not nice looking when all the foods scattered around.
2. So, to make a pink box like mine. You'll need an empty box of course, some wrapping papers, scissor and cellophane tape.
3.Draw the title on a piece of paper, attach to the box. Done =)
My fren even ask me where I buy the box when I showed the pictures! Haha, hey, u can DIY it!!!XD
same thing happened on my breakfast box too ^^

1. choose any of the empty box u have. I'm picking one that have a similar size with the milo packs.
2.Cut one part out of the box.
3. Wrap your chosen paper on it.
4.Nice vintage floral box done =) You can put other things like accessories, stationary, memo pads & more based on your creativity.

It's fun and convenient by putting a whole week of breakfast drink packs inside so I dunid to go up and down searching for one like crazy in the morning.
This memo board brings every memory I had last sem. Events I joined, wishing cards and souvenirs from friends.
Then now is the new semester d, so I need to put new things on it.
bye bye to those memories. ^^ Gonna put u all safely in box =(

Clear all the ding ding dong dong things on the memo board, same goes to the paper on the wall ,which I used to hide the graffiti and double sided tape stain.

Now I put some arts on it. 
You may also create your own design by putting up pictures, cute wall hanging stuffs.

This is the way I compartmentalize my drawer space.You can opt for drawer size baskets or containers to separate items according to purpose. This drawer is mainly for me to put some of my daily skincare range and also bb creams. Others are sample packs and masks which I received from events...

 While , the corner at the end of the bed, i use them to place my jewelry, accessories, bangles, earring collection, craft tools and more...

Lastly, my bed!!! reserve one corner for my lovely bibi =)

So, everything is well prepared now. I'm ready for a good start in new sem.
How about u?

Thanks for reading.
Have a nice day =)

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