Are u KIDDING me?????


30/6 is the day when we move into another hostel,also called as 'forced to'....
‘我们在block A 住得好好的,为什么突然间要我们搬去block C?' this is our feeling that time when we not yet move to another hostel.
If according to the law,  we suppose to move when we r enough 1 year ...and now we just 10 months here=='''' and the most ridiculous thing is the notice there that stated 'YOU GUYS ARE SUPPOSE TO MOVE WITHIN 1 WEEK'~~~my god we still got class still got exam every week and u call us move like we are very eng eng cheng cheng person~~The reason given there are- your house will go to let other people stay from 2/7~~~WTH,r u kidding me????

so we are forced to,REALLY!!!!!

Then continue with the process of taking new house key,*pretty excited* at the beginning cox going to see what the *new* hostel looks like~~


Okay,we got our keys,our new house which is located underground and near to forest~~~*some of our housemates began to beh siok d* LOL~~"we dun even see our new house yet,dun early 下定论,maybe we'll get a house with beautiful scenery and nice leh^^" tats wat I said,definitely a lil bit bluffing to keep them positive- thinking~~hahahahaXD

As I said first impression first impression~~~
Nah, this is my new house-C-G-10

Welcomed with lots of male shoes that duno put there for how long d~~~and duno y I still so STUPIAK,knock the door to see if there is another resident inside,cox if like that going will be very rude...But then,nobody answered.Okay,no ppl...GO IN!
when the time we see the living room and the kitchen~~~nah ,like dat troll face lo,shock until speechless tim...+ we r the house that at the underground,so there is a lil bit sunlight only..really look like a haunted house man!!!!I don't even dare to take another step cox scare if 'somebody' may jump out~~~now typing this late night in my new room really make me feel horrible~~~errrr

Proceed to bathroom 
what do u think?Is this the place that I'm going to take bath 2 days later????Wao~~this is just a dream~~NOT TRUE NOT TRUE!!!!!
Yeah ,the bathroom has lots of 'dirty thing 'at the wall and also the floor...
then the bedroom which is my fren one,the bed all terbalik and look like spoilt already~~~
Okay,the hostel officer is going to give us like that kind of NEW HOUSE lar~~~pretty sad,we don't even have a chance to change to other house..haizzz

I bet the previous students who stay here just take themselves go only without taking their others thing with them~~~I HATE THAT!!!!! If u r going to leave something useable and nice then u r welcomed~~but then they leave with lots of carpet,TV,books, Tyre,washing machine,slow cooker that are SPOILED!!!!!!!ishhhhh,the hostel cleaner even refuse to clean it for us,so we have to clean ourselves. I remember that day I just finish with my assessment and dint even sleep the night before that then after assessment,I skipped class rushing here and there for numerous time to change the house key which is spoilt d~~and after 2 hrs only gao dim that problem.Afternoon went to The Mines purposely to buy all the cleaning stuffs back...then clean the house until early morning 2am like tat~~~yeahhhh,never feel I can this strong to tahan so long without sleep and rest~~bravo kot!!!

  enough complain~~I let u see my old house,already well-decorated by us♥
Very pretty right?I miss my old house so much!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥

We woke up at the second early morning to shift our things,no choices,there are people will come to stay your house the next day,CAN U NOT MOVE???
again~~we move ,unload ,pack then unpack,is another 2am morning again~~ZZZZ~~~tiring 2 days for us

Go out for the next day to buy some decorative stuffs back~~

After decoration~~~~
 Bought those loving flower mirrors from Sunway Jusco,not really expensive and quite nice~~Everybody come into the house and first spot that mirror and asked:" Did U guys cut it yourselves???" LOLXD

If U noticed, the house had a new member d,KIM...who become my new roommate~~Yeap,I have a roommate d,so gonna say BYE BYE to my single life~~~wahahhaahaXD
The kitchen and bathroom had transformed !!!!!
Thanks to Evian's buddy that so kind to clean our bathroom~~~

Actually I'm pretty emo from the time of moving into new home,there is an indescribably feeling that overwhelmed me. The house,new roommate,my thing(which are very lots,becox I occupied two beds when in the previous house)~~Now everything change so suddenly..

I scared myself can't adapt to it. I'm not going to say that I'm not like to have a new roommate, but the thing is I scared that my attitude and lifestyle going to affect her and scare that if she will dislike me then. I have a lot of worries actually which I dint spoke it out and I said I got a lot of stuffs and It became a BIG problem to me which I need to crack my head to think for the solution.

Now everything turns out so good, I like KIM very much as my roommate,she is pretty good and have a good lifestyle (not like me)XP,and then I think that I could use her as my role model to change myself tooXD
And the problem of organize my things had solve~~I'm so brilliant~~haha,see this...
From previous two cupboards to only one.Used boxes to category my clothes. 
Then the drawer of the writing desk which also used to put my skin care products etc..
Put on the new strawberry bedsheet♥♥Everything is so nice and organized now.

Mad ♥ my new place d
I'm not emo and headaches anymore~~hehee

Picture of the week=D

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