happy new year


this year happy new year not same as last last year.This is because my grandma past away at last year...a day before chinese new year.This year well we all are totally very miss grandma.The memories will light up our brain when every time we pass through grandma room, just cannot forget her....

i still remember that when grandma pass away, at that time i still cannot manage my feeling,because she always in my everyday life.my tears will flow down everytime i walk pass her bedroom,cannot control my feeling, i admit myself to not always see her bedroom than i will not be so sad......

everybody still got came back...well very love and miss them all...except my a few cousin can't comeback...'i oso miss them all'..hope will see them soon..

this year can't put off firecracker cause they say my grandma just pass away...so no firecrackers
for kids-this is a bad news
for adults-can say a good news cause don't neeed to waste money of course

this year new year..i love it
everybody seem so lovely to me..so good..din't change at all..still talkative..still kepo...still friendly..still bobo..still aimei....arrr so many more

hope that everybody will remain unchange like that in the future

i love u all........LOVE

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