Taipei Travel and Food Diary (2)- Shilin night market 士林夜市好介绍


The second day at Taiwan-
Which was also my first day at Taipei Veterens General Hospital.

We moved our luggage quickly into our hostel ( which was also a share building with neurological department), and report ourself to the medical teaching department. We were then distribute to the department that we had chosen earlier. i'm in surgery and guess what, I had the oppurtunity to observe robotic whipple surgery. This technology could only be seen in 3 hospitals in whole Malaysia. And I'm now observing it, cool not?! Hehe

Changing into their OT uniform. The right side was the 便当(bento) ,which they provide for medical staff in OT, because we dont even have time to go down and get the proper lunch/dinnner...( The OT life)

Ok well, I dint observe finish the whole surgery because it will finish around 10 at night. ( and I have date with fellow batchmates from other hospitals in taipei that we meet together in Shilin night market)

Hmm, a total of 17 of us ( from Upm). The bad thing is all of us cant put into the same hospital bcox upm only allowed the max of 5 in each hospital. And that is what make us so mafan....

So, we picked a place that are more well-known and easier to gather- Shilin night market.

Taiwan night markets are famous for their food, drinks and shopping especially Shilin. Shilin Tourist night matket is the largest in Taipei and the most popular among tourists.

The market offer a huge variety of snacks and goods at bargain prices, allowing us to satisfy our cravings at minimal cost.

Some market specialties such as jumbo sized shilin sausages, fried toast, pan-fried oyster with egg are not to be missed.

The jumbo sized sausage. (NTD 45)

This is also one of the famous stall in Shilin, located just left side to the jiantan mrt station. The baked potato was fully blanket with enormous amount of cheese topped with diced ham. Around NTD 60.

The shilin underground night market

Roasted abalone (ntd 150). Topped with their special sauce with diced onion, garlic and chillies.

Our grilled squid, ntd 100 for one. Its a giant squid, grilled and flavoured with just only pepper but the taste is awesome.

Surprisingly, there are alot of stalls selling seafoods there, range from oyster, scallop ,lobster to even soft shell crabs.

That night, we had tried their seafoods such as soft shell crab,conch,squid, oyster and abalone. Each serving cost us around 150 ntd.
Taiwan oyster omelet is also one of their well-known street food. The tastiness depend on the skill of the chef that prepare it. Different stalls produce different flavour of omelet. Therefore, the soft reminder from me is try to find for a stall that has more people queuing for it so that you wouldnt regret it later.

 And jiang jiang jiang, also a must try street food there- the “coffin plates" ( the special name that taiwanese gave it) . Well, it looked like a toast for me, where the bread is deep fried until golden brown and stuffed with chicken, peas, radish and squid. Some chef even add some cheese or thicken milk inside to enrich the flavour.
 Hojiak ah~~~

After enjoy all the delicous local street snacks, don't forget to enjoy their street games there. With only ntd 50, you can choose to play darts, throwing balls, matching mahjong, fishing and win soft toys.

Thats all the story of Shilin! 

See you guys in next post.

Thanks for reading.
Have a Nice day.

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