Top 5 restaurants you must visit in Avenue K KL


Do you grow bored of the narrow selection of restaurants in KLCC. The limited seatings during weekend annoyed you? 

Try to hop on to the Avenue K which situated next to KLCC. At this newly refurbished mall you can pamper  your taste buds with over 60 different F&B options.

Ahhh~ forget to mention Avenue K is easily reachable by LRT!

Today, I'm going to pick some restaurants which can pampered your tummy!

1. Wondermama X


Wondermama has a comfortable and welcomimg retro style interiors but with a modern twist. They play well with eclectic mix of new forms with old materials and finishes.

  Pasta A La Carbonara RM 22.90 grana padano , beef bacon and topped with scallion yogurt!

Special Seefood Maggi Mee Goreng RM14.90 sotong, scallop, parwn, egg, mixed vegetable, onion with special homemade spicy sauce.

And my favorite in this is the macha soya drink! A refreshing drink to kick start my day!

Atmosphere- 5/5

2. Johnny Rockets

If you would like to dine in the American classic restaurant, Johnny Rockets is the best choice I could say! When stepping inside, you will get the feel of vintage when u get to see the floor which is covered with black and white tiles and furnished with red white theme and vintage bar stools.
The waiter are very stylish and have an oldies kind of style to match the theme of retaurant. And forgot to mention, they would dance occasionally too!

Why people will fall in love with Johnny Rockets burger?????
Here come the facts that they list out:
1. The BURGERS are made from 100% imported  pure beef, no fillers! Made fresh, original recipe!
2. The burgers is like a whole steak! I tried it, sure no cheat~ instead you can share one burger with another people~
3. For the people that cannot eat beef burger, this doesnt mean you cant try johnny rockets, yet they offer to substitute all beef products to CHICKEN~ awesome!

My burger of the day- The Johnny Rockets Original Burger- RM19.90. 
It was made with 1/3 pound patty fresh, seasoned beef sandwiched between soft burger bun with lots of shredded lettuce,sliced tomato, chopped onions, relish, pickle, mustard and maiyonnaise.

The original vanilla milkshake rm14.90 is also a must try item ! For me , 
A cup of J.R milkshake do tatse like 10 sundae cones~ clap for that creamy and milky vanilla ice-cream~ one sip of it and u will want MORE!

Atmosphere - 3/5
Food- 5/5
Value -2/5

3. Fatboys

If you are a fans of big burger, this is another American-style burger restaurants that I would recommend. Fatboys is famous with their build-your-own burger. At here you can style your burger with whatever buns, patties, add-ons and sauces you like~~ YES, I KNOW, THE BIGGER THE BETTER RIGHT?

And here, ehem, I'm not a pro in styling my own burger, so for the first time of visit, I prefer to choose their signature burger- Fat Basterd (RM29) 

The burger is scrumptiously delicious with juicy double beef patties (pork/lamb/beef), extra thick bacons, cheddar cheese, fried egg and homemade fatboy sauce on sesame bun.

(Left) mocktails- Tarzan (RM 9) 
(right) Virgin Daiquiri range- Mango + Ginger ( RM 10)

Do not fret if you dont like burger, Fatboys has something special in their menu for you too (winks) 
This is the Honey Mustard Chicken Kebab (RM22) 
Boneless chocken fillets seasoned with honey mustard, skewered and grilled with onions and peppers on a bed of smashed potatoes and veggies.

Service- 4/5

4. Marutama Ra-Men
If burgersss are just so heavy and you want try something healthier, here the place--- Marutama Ramen

Why choose Marutama ??
Because here served richly-textured  chicken soup and it is extracted entirely only from chicken with no MSG and preservatives!

Greg waiting for his .......Ajitsuke Tamago Ramen~~

Ajitsuke Tamago Ramen (Rm22.50) - chicken soup with Tamago "soft-boiled flavoured egg" with a slice of roast pork ,seaweed, spring onion ands seasoned egg. You can choose between spicy and non spicy.

This is just not an ordinary bowl of mee. Why?
 > Thick and delicious soup is cooked for 5 hrs daily.
 > one chicken to make two bowls of soup.
 > do not use msg, preservatives and other additives.
 > noodles made from own kitchen with high grade gluten flour

Here sum up a bowl of delicious marutama ramen (love)

Atmosphere - 3/5
Service- 4/5

5. Samba Brazillian Steakhouse
Big eater, love buffet, love meat more than others!!!! Here you go---- Samba brazillian Steakhouse!
Samba offered pizza lunch buffet, RM29++; weekend brunch buffet, RM69++; dinner buffet, RM99++ ...

For those that fancy stunning views of city and towers! From Samba Churrascaria, you can have view of KLCC towers.
Brazilian cocktail ~ 
(Top) Samba Fruit Mixx -RM25 (vodka,strawberry,pineapple, orange,condensed milk)
(Bottom) Caipiroska- Rm18 (vodka,lime,brown sugar)

For drinks I prefer Caipiroska more than Samba fruit mixx. Although the colour of samba fruit mixx is so tempating but the taste of it just like u are drinking cough medicine~~heeee

At here, you can enjoy buffet of roast lamb, chicken, beef, duck, turkey and seafood marinated with various seasoning and spices.
The waiters will bring around unlimited meats, seafood and pineapple on skewers to your table which are freshly grilled and served hot!


Dear friends, Christmas is coming soon!!!! For those that have no idea of how to celebrate the day (if u r non christian), I suggest you to go Avenue K with your friends or love one, enjoy a nice meal and Christmas atmosphere there.

The mall is decorated with a pink christmas theme,and even a pink mini cooper at the ground floor, suitable for girls huh?? So girlish, but I Like it, pink is my fav!!!

Santa party performance evey weekend 4- 4.15pm

They got gorgeous Santarina with hot dances too!

And surprise-- Acrobatic in the air!!!!
Don't miss out yea~~~

Here come the end of my post! 
See you soon.
Thanks for viewing,
Bye and have a nice day :)

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