The story of my cat


So here I am again to my blog. My last updates was like a month ago.
Ahaa,so the lazy blogger appear again to her blog so that her readers wouldn't run away, right not?

To cat lovers, you may find this is interesting as I put a lot of pictures of my cat with captions on.
To neutral animal lover, just sit down and scroll the pictures lar.
To cat haters, you can choose to leave now or scroll down.

Okay, start now...

"If we give food, shelter and affection to dogs, they will think you are god."
"Whereas owners of cats are compelled to realise that, if you provide them with food, shelter and affection, they draw the conclusion that they are god!

This blogpost is mainly about a cat that I take care of in my UPM hostel.
Here is the story of Bibi. <3 p="">

I still remember that day when we moved to a different block in my hostel, it was one year ago.the prove! And that time , we have a very special guest that moved along with us too. I'm not sure where is the cat from actually, but what I surely know is, that time I was very moody. And yup , it was really like some blessing from god, that I suddenly got a cat, came in through my window, then sleep with me, live with me happily after that~~ Awww, so sweet right?

Many of you may find this is very disgusting, btw I got bathed my cat, okay?
I don't like to tell long stories, because people always love pictures..
Nah, this is part of my collections for a year, some you may have seen in fb or instagram.

If bibi has his own facebook, I think this will be the profile pic!

Like human, it likes to stare at mirror too. Lengzai mou?

I'm so paiseh, stop taking my picture anymore! (face-hide)

I'm good at mimicking! Do I?

Some stressing exercise before I sleep!Yeah!!

Spot how many cats in this picture.

Sometimes I like to play hide and sleep =)

Omo, this is my new pillow. Big bone and sweet dream =D

Everyday I will wait at the living room for everyone to come back from lectures. Weird sleeping pose so that they will laugh at me the moment they back and forget their stress.

Do I look like hello kitty?

My owner's hand just look like a drumstick!
Me: "It really attacks me just 5s after this photo was taken!" 

Hide and sleep version 2.0 -Sleep under the bed!
The snoring sound is the key to find you .hahahaXD

Like a boss not?

I love to stare at Kim while she is studying .

and also my owner!

feeling bored?

I just loved the fleshy feeling of my owner's lower limb.

Is this kekwa? Why the smell is so weird wan?

the days when they fight for their finals.....
I'm helping them too, seriously =P

This is how we sleep like everyday=)

Let me introduce to you guys my all-the-time-enemy (Raja)!
He would rampas my foods, then slap me at face....and now he is moving in too? OH NOo~~

Yeah, finally finish!

Thank you for reading.
13 months the cat live with me now and still counting..
Hope he will still here until the time I'm graduate la.

Have a nice day everyone =)


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