I Am The Unstoppable Explorer


Age 21.Representing youthful, energetic, extrovert, adventurous and most of all...we are the

the unstoppable one!!!!!the risk taking one!!!
Yes, that's me!!!

I like to explore new things. I mean in this age ,who is not ?? For me , the world is like a huge puzzle, and waiting for hot-blooded youth such as me to explore and learn new things!!!

Love to take parts in extreme sports and outdoor activities. Once there is a holiday for me and my gang. I will like ," Jom we go......and do......", It is so boring to just sit at home, online and watch movie.Especially I'm now stay in the state that equipped in so many activities..just feel like more FUN & FUN is awaitng there~~~

Is there any challenges in your adventures??
Sure, they are ..they are so much that I wish I could tell you day till night!!!
The challenges will start once I step out of my hostel door!!!
First ,the transportation problem!!!FYI, my hostel is really like in Jungle area, although I'm in Selangor. The only building beside is just Hospital Serdang~~ and the nearest KTM is 15 mins of drive away. Every time me and my frens wanna go out, the public transport will be a huge problem to us. But then , no worries, nothing can stop us !!! We will like planning like a commander, "later after we take this ktm, we stop at this station and transfer using....and after that take this & that...."
We will make sure we will minimise our risk of getting lost at KL area first before we get out.
LOL, and this is the only first challenges...and there are more and more behind......

What are the gadgets that I used in my adventures??
I must say, I could not live without SMARTPHONES!!!! with camera and gps, and can searching web anywhere, it makes my adventures to become so exciting and less ricky. I could search for the things that I would want to know anywhere anytime .After I reach my destination or got something to share with, I could just Insta or fb check in. Life is more easier with smartphones=D

I'm now very happy that Astro will launch it's  Astro-On-The-Go!!! This mean I can kill all the boringness when I'm waiting for bus, ktm, lrt and more. Thanks to Astro, I now could watch Astro programmes in my smartphones or Ipad anytime and anywhere. Isn't it AWESOME???

Friends, are u now exciting like me, and want to know more about Astro-On-The-Go?
just visit their page then- www.astroonthego.com

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