The Best Nasi Lemak =D


There was one day that I needed to interchange to KL monorail from Kelana Jaya line just to reach Bukit bintang. So, I needed to walk a short distance from Dang Wangi station to Bukit nanas station.

Ya, just that short distance, I found something that made my day.

First, the smell of  fried bananas (pisang goreng) attracted me. Then, I look at the source....

Wow,the stall had all my favourite foods. Nasi Lemak, pulut udang (shrimp glutinous), bubur cha-cha, keledek goreng (fried potatoes) and so-on...

Have not taken any breakfast yet~~so starving that time @@ (and everything is so cheap!!!)

The uncle said Nasi Lemak is their No.1 best seller. So,it is a must try.
 Ordered 1 Nasi Lemak, 1 bubur cha-cha, rm2.00 of mix pisang goreng and keledek. Ordered without thinking I could finish all of them anot because all seems so nice, I JUST WANT TO TRY THEM ALL!!

AND END UP, i finished them + 1 more nasi lemak.

God, That is the best Nasi Lemak I ever tried since I came here in KL. The taste is 5 star and only cost rm1.50.

I think the reason why all of the foods selling there tasted so good because the owner put enough ingredients inside. owww, I can't forget the taste, I even can say it is better than my hometown.
The bubur cha-cha has enough santan inside and the ingredients combination are just so prefect~~~=D

Haha, this is the first time I give so high comment on a street food stall.But ,hey, it really worth all the praising. Believe me,go and try and you will know!
 You see, the preparation place is so clean and neat!!Even the cooking oil is new and not brown in colour. This increase my marks to them!!!

The Uncle!!! can speak very well English, even better than me~~~
 Wondered if he is a retired chef from a 5 star hotel??

Overall review:
Nasi Lemak : 5 star
Pisang Goreng: 4 star, fried well but because the bananas not yet ripe,so not so sweet.
Bubur cha-cha: 5 star, (the time I tasted it is still hot,the taste is perfect and cost like Rm2 only) 
Overall cleanliness: 5 star for road side stall. Not even a mosquitoes there, the napkin all I saw are bright white in colour. Means it even more clean than my own hostel kitchen!!!) 

The stall is call Pisang Goreng Antarabangsa,  just situated in front of warisan seni,Bukit Nanas.

This is at between the short distance walk from Dang wangi to bukit nanas too~~
Yes,I saw it for my first time. My friend said it is already at there for a long time d. 

It is a public toilet. An automated one!!!Just like Japan!!

 This sound disappointing, but I have to say that.....The toilet cannot use yet......

you have to pay 20 cents per entry and can spend maximum of 15mins inside..ohohoho,means u can dance inside too after having your pee-pee,hhahahahaXDD

Hope that we will have such toilets in many many places in KL so that ermm,not only that it can increase the public convenience but also our Malaysia image.Right anot, guys?


Have a nice day=)
Do visit that place ya!!!

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