Being honest to myself


Well, 1/1/2013. Is a new year. Is a date I never expected to come . Once a while ago, i ever since believed in the dome day influenced by the movie 2012 and the Mayan's prediction. Of course , it wouldn't happened and never will. 

I never ever wonder what i will be in 2013. Usually every year i will set goals for myself and seen myself in it but in this new year,erm, just let me summarize myself first.

I am turning 21. The age that I wish for so long. The age that represent i grown up ,from a teenage to an adult. This is the age that I think I can involved in a lot of things,the things i wish i could take a part, but just because of the unmature age, I've been bared at the gate ( if the first thing that crossed your mind is casino etc, punch yourself please, what I mean is more serious thing)

About my topic, being honest to myself. Today I'm going to comment about myself. Yes , selfishly,only myself,physically and mentally.

Physically, hmm, start from hair maybe?
I have a naturally dark brown hair,never ever black. For previous year, i had dyed my hair four times, the last one,which is now, black colour. I just can't stand when my ori hair strand stand up. End up my hair drying ,split-end and frizzy...which mean spoilt. Dye hair will never be good. That is why i made a decision when i dyed to black and wouldn't dye it anymore. *promise*  . Anyway ,i had an experience before, never regretted ^*

face-(the place that i need to face and tell *important lo* ) . Having some acne-prone skin from secondary till now, getting more worst now, because of the lifestyle I'm having (unhealthy,countless stay up...which I most hate off). Pores,blackhead.... When will someday come when i woke up and found all of these disappear  in a blink? Hahaha, dream maybe^^ . 

And yes,never miss the eyes. The place where u can really interpret what a person think and the place where both souls meet! I've been wearing contacts all these year, erm, start from Form 4 perhaps,love them and couldn't be really apart from them. From a colourless to a colour one. Seldomly u will hardly find me in my specs, Im very stick with my cons.*another bff of mine if u want call* Lol, i still dint tell that i have ori brown eyes and now wearing brown cons .diff is?its look more watery and energetic even though u sick or stay up. This explained y i love cons so much!  An honest truth is i dont want to wear cons too, if i dint have short-sighteness and astigmatism!  

The trunk part-place where the most attractive organs stay, i think i wouldnt touch about here so much, i scare i will talk until very over later,haha, *if u know what i means ><* i dint have the latest measurement, just keep them to myself better.This is secret. But personally myself proud of it, people praised it, and I'm satisfied with them also. I just having that problem of kinda little bloated stomach everytime finish eating, not a big deal, i'm still okay with it.

Okay, lastly, my limbs.  Dint have those skinny model-like long legs ,btw,they can run! How i can i not love them? and the size 4 feet,they just too cute~~

This is what a 154cm girl wanna tell about how is her physically appearance.

Mentally, this is really the toughest part i can describe, sometimes i can't really grab myself  too. I'm changing ,from time to time....

BTW,I would like to share to u all,what is in my mind (in case you wanna understand me more =P)

My statements 

  1.  I'm a medical students, but I love animals A LOT!!!
  2. I like everything related to arts and crafts. Something that can impressed me until I forget that I have important thing to complete on my hands...Gosh~~~
  3. I love beautiful things and make things become beautiful. That explained why I love fashion, hair-do,make-up,nail-colouring,etc...
  4. I have my own ways to release stress. Listening to music in speaker mode and dancing to it is a MUST.
  5. (i SAID i love make things beautiful) .Seeing pictures of interior designs will made my day. *I wish I could be a interior designer one day -this is part of my childhood dream*. I can't achieve it. Nevermind, I'll just practice some skills in my daily lives =D
  6. I love business and everything related to it. Become a successful entrepreneur is my childhood dream too. * why I have so lotsa childhood dreams gehh*
Turning 21,
I would like to achive some goals (these are some I could think of right now)
  1. Learn and practice forex.
  2. Learn and use photoshop. from basic to professional.
  3. graphic design (waiting list)
  4. Improve my cooking skills.
  5. Don't waste too much money,If can, EARN MONEY.

That is me. honest part.
How about u?

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