Weird,Leng and branded Mickey!


And so I sort some of the Mickeys into category of weird one, 'leng/ sui' (which mean beautiful) and also 'branded' .....

To whom which miss out of part 1...see it here.

Mickey couldn't always be that typical type right? with just black skin white face and with that red short. 

At there I saw them transformed into the one that I couldn't barely describe...some into phantom, ghost-like, 'ugly-Betty', fashion model and so much more. It is really an eye opening experience especially for me that so loves about design.

This time to MId valley is so worth..really!

Enough with blah-ing .Did you ever see Mickey with fake eyelashes????LOL, this is one of it..

It reminds me of the Chinese singer 李玉刚 that are so good in shuttle between man and woman on stage.

Yeah, I really couldn't describe this oneIf I called it an 'ugly-Betty' mouse then why does it still have a mustache on instead of braces ?Hmm...

If you have read about this novel called Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. This one resembles thatXP

So what is this???@@ Mickey get punched at his face and the eyes split into 2? This one really totally ruined the typical image of Mickey. If just put this alone at somewhere else to display, I bet nobody can recognize it also.

Wonder if the designer gets the idea from Doraemon which put a mini fan of his head.and now he/she put the clock on his nose@.@

Queen of  'Alice in the wonderland '

Angel and Devil

Yeah...the one that I think of most creative one....

Mickey-Donald Duck,Donald Duck-Mickey~~whatever larr~~

When the first time I saw it ,  felt quite  weird about that Minnie...
and now I can figure out the reason why after I look carefully into this picture...

Minnie mouth has turned into Donald duck mouth!

So is this the hybrid of Donald and Minnie???
whatever~~I'll call it as Donmi.

Donald at back and Donmi with veil at the front.

Next, Mickey in Chinese character 


道士 Taoist priest.

Then, there are many brands that come out up with their own Mickey also.

Orange -green............Watson!

If there is Watson then must has ................right?


Guang Ming daily ,fight for justice! 

'The Star' rocks!!!!!

Skin care brand Mickey


Estee Lauder


G2000 man and woman

Shu Uemura

Miss Watever


With lots of necklaces,bangles,bracelets and accessories.....must be 'Heart-attack' then~~

Lion King by HSBC.

End this post with environmental -friendly brand Mickey.

The Body Shop.

Thanks for viewing.
Have a nice day=)

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