Just Mickey


Just noticed Evian shirt match the Mickey ear behind and I'm wearing Mickey too~~~LOLOLOLOL...

Just went to Mid Valley last Friday with Evian PURPOSEly  to watch that Mickey through the year exhibition. Yea~~the exhibition was already there looong loong time ago since late of  May and that time gam gam hou is my mid-sem break (I miss the PC fair and Mickey fair at the same time..so bo daiii TT). Anyway, I'm still so happy that the exhibition still not end yet and I so like this kind of exhibition because I saw the Smurfs (I wrote about that too=D) one before in Singapore and that was really awesome with design from their local celebrities and artiste

And now this is MICKEY, how can I resist it???

Sei dou want to go~~hahahahaXP

The Mickey that I post here are designed by local art students only, will only post more geng one on my next postXP

the big 10-foot Mickey which must take photo with=)

The Mickey here were designed by art students from Saito College,PJ college of art and design , Alfa interenational college and many more famous artistes.

by saito college

Can u guess this Mickey was drawn by who???
It is actually from a down syndrome 18 y.o gal name Nassuhada.
she is creative, right??

did U ever saw Mickey wink???no right??
damn cute @《

By local DJ named Patricia K...lololololo,y have the same name as my housemate one???

from some primary school students


again is Saito College..emmm they are very well at these, Im amazed by all of their design!!!!

The Mickey trophy from visual merchandising department of Mid Valley

design and fit-out department of M.V


and yea save environment Mickey/!!!

Roman Era Mickey by The One Academy

Picasso Mickey by PJ college of art and design
Now is the time for Mickey that I love the most!!!
this one!!!!really look fantastic on real view. It is called ACY MICKEY designed by philosophy men 

metallic mickey also by philosophy men

and the white wonders

end this post with Mickey designed by Jusco!!!!look really like right??

Okayyy...next post will be 'Mickey turn crazy'...

Thanks for viewing.=)

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