What I eat and drink in Thailand Yum Yum ♥ Part 2


For those that not yet view the first part can see it here.

Okay ,it is actually me searching for some unique and yummy food in Thailand...because there are a lot of photos ,so I split it into 2 parts.

strolling at the night street nearby our hotel
and gosh,there also food food food everywhere, especially seafood!
And they sell seafood kind like snack!

raw lobster^^

one lobster for 100baht,so is about RM10,still worth to give it a try right??=D

Grilled squid
 and when u go thailand ,if u dint try their coconut,u will superb regret,they have the most supple and sweet coconut,cox there is a tropical country,the fruits there are all sweet natural,owh,miss the fruits there again....
still remember that I bought some fruits to try it out,and it taste super sweet,so I ask my family,did they added some sugar inside, and they all called me stupid~~"hey,they sweet naturally!!!"

weird food#1
ya..is egg....
sure not ordinary boiled egg la..
but is the boiled egg with chick inside
try it before?

 weird food#2
fried praying mantis?

 weird food#3

weird food #4

weird food #5

weird food#6

the look of Lee Garden Mall before the explosion destroyed it~~

I wonder why Thailand have their own VIVI magazine,but we dint have??

same goes to this famous Essential shampoo,available in Thailand and Singapore,but not in Malaysia
wonder why??Why Malaysia dint have alot of thing one?? 
and so,I bought it! Always want to try it,waiting for it to come to Malaysia,but still NO NO NO......
wait until want become giraffe d,but luckily let me spotted it in Thailand so quickly grab it♥

and also bought lotsa earrings back~~
cox I have that bad habit of buy earrings but seldom wear them..
I swear I got more than 20 pairs of earrings that I never ever wear before~~
and also got that bad habit of missing my earrings,wear it once and never seen it again~~
wonder why my earrings get such magic of disappearing itself...

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