What I eat and drink in Thailand..Yum Yum♥ Part 1


Start with breakfast of the first day ya~~~

duck+mee....really very delicious,that is just a small shop only,at first I dint expect the food will so delicious but then after sip the duck soup,..wah,can felt all the duck meat essential inside..YUmYum#1

how the duck soup cook~~~taste 100x better than Malaysia any kind of meee!

then,I just want to find something there really different from Malaysia.....
so,I went for their 7-eleven=D

there got a lot of shops like 7/11 there such as tesco express...very convenient lo..How I hope there would have such thing in Malaysia also....7/11 and tesco express everywhere....

Purposely find for their drink only..cox I like their bottles
milk..by meiji

glass bottle of 7-UP!

Nutritious drink...tried it, super sweet!

And then, they got whole rack that sell tonic drinks only such as beauty drinks,collagen drinks and so on...
vitamin c drink,brands,all u can think available there~~

Hohoho...for teenagers?

and there also got such cute DISNEY cake at there..Y here no one,not fair!

and guess what is this colourful thing?

cute right? these r all SUSHI!do u believe?seem very fake right?

I like this egg sushi,so cute!!!!!and 1 sushi for 5 baht only,cheap dao!

bought these drinks from 7-11

There din't sell any Vitagen or Yacult..but they have their own Betagen....taste exactly like Yakult~~

vitagen -like drink product from Meiji..

green tea and black tea~~

HoHoHo..my most favorite ~~
coconut drink in clay hello kitty cup..damn cute!
and the cup is free.....so nice
U can get it here at floating market~~

A variety of cup to choose from...gt ultraman,doraemon,fish....
if u don't like these cup ,u can choose bamboo cup also (right bottom)
It just cost u 25 baht only with drinks +cup....
Owh,if u come Malaysia order one chatime can buy 2 of these liao...
I♥ that place.....

 Don't like drinks?nevermind u can also choose ice-cream
They r just so pandai at making business~~

woo~~ikan bakar~~grilled fish

pulut pisang..my mum very pro at making these!

Doidoi~ a famous dessert that must try in Thailand.Mad ♥ of it..Me everytime go Thailand must buy one!

even their simply friend noodles also got such big prawns..
(A face of envy-ing)@@

are these kidney beans?look so much a like..haha,but nobody of us tried these..

will be more and more food on next post~~
this is just one of it....

Guess what is this?

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