First time out with my BFF


It is not planned...just occurred so suddenly!!!hahahaXD...After a tired school day,I received her call,then just out lo...hahahaXD。。。Actually we both have planned very very earlier that we must go out together to shopping or whatever when the time I came to KL here,but because of my tight schedule,I always rejected her ,feel so sorry.....Anyway,this is my first time we together shopping in KL,feel so good!!!!

my BFF-chia earn
touchedTT.....she still outing with me even though she is a da mang ren (busy person)...muahahaha..just kidding><

Having our dinner at Kenny Rogers Roaster

how should I describe it??....美女与美食

It's mine♥I love cheese

my chicken cheese potato♥

This is just a short and simple post!
Thanks for viewing♥

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