Some special effects on Camera360


So here is me trying out my phone new download app-Camera360.

Inside really got a lot of effects

  1. Random
  2. Retro
  3. Effect Enhancement
  4. LOMO
  5. HDR(Heavy)
  6. Dreamlike Effect
  7. B&W Visual Storm
  8. Magic Colour
  9. Japanese Style
  10. Classic Black and White
  11. HDR(Light)
  12. Night Enhancement
  13. Back to 1839                                 to
  14. Colourful
and so much more......

I know,I don't like to talk so much also,so just let you all see the photos from my Camera360.....

OMG,I'm like help to promoting this app...btw,I'm kinda like it♥

So,here is it....

The Retro

Now,I'm showing u all the difference between original photo with the retro one..The app will automatically duplicate the picture so i can get to see my original one at the same time.
I think the retro is just enhance and blurring the colour....and darken the shadow!

Below is the

Lomo effect
Ya...the right me is the Lomo....actually this effect doesn't suprised me at all..becox it just look kinda darken it only


The HDR effect (heavy)
more sharp! and heavy colour!

Japanese Style only know that Japanese style photo is just lighten all the colours...but i personally not like this effect so much because it just let me look more pale and "tidak bermaya" and the photo just not "alive"
another self portrait of Japanese style. cam with my favourite potong ice-cream--red beans!

Mmm...will upload more on part 2...

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