Langkawi--another kind of experience


So, here am I again in Langkawi. If you wandered that i will introduce the same thing again.....YOU ARE WRONG!!!!

This time although is in the same place-Langkawi, but i had gone with different person and make a visit to another part of Langkawi other from the previous one.

So,first, let me introduce my companions in this trip,

My aunt and uncle....which support my major expenses in this trip!!!A BIG thanks♥

my cousin-"大表姐” also known as our tour guide in this trip because she live in Langkawi!!!
Who else will be more familiar of Langkawi than she
and because of her we can get great food , accommodation and  ticket price in  a damn cheap price!!!

If anyone got interest to go to LANGKAWI  and want to save money....find me to get her hp no...she will help u out!!!Don't this cousin is damn good...Don't believe in me?U can just scroll down the post and take  note of her....She is way too approachable!!!  

My aunt friend-the lovely lady with a 'peace' pose and with her family.

The pretty gals'
start from left-my small fish(pls translate to chi),the lovely lady with a sweet peace pose daughter  and  my cousin.

my aunt and her bff (left)
and lastly,

my lengzai cousin-also the main photographer in this trip.
U will notice that he seldom pop up in this post...hahaXD

Ehem,is the time to start writing our journey.....

EXCEPT my small fish and her bff which took a flight to there,all of us took a ferry ride.
the ferry fee is about RM20++ like that if I'm not mistaken

view from the ferry window
and this is what my fellow companions do while waiting for my arrival to Langkawi because i had to finish my tuition first before I can step into the land of Langkawi.

visit to
I think this is the seven well-telaga tujuh if I'm not mistaken..hahaXD
to the Langkawi muzium
To all the foreigner:if U all don't know,these are actually a type of Malaysia  traditional  game  known as Congkak!
Variety of Batik! and the traditional machine of making the kain batik( batik fabric)
lets peek what they are doing while boring-ing waiting for me

enjoying fresh coconut?!

and ikan bakar(fish grilling) just acting in front of the camera...The fishes belong to the malay!!!

and finally my arrival.....

taking me to the place we stay....

me with the owner of this guest house...He is also our MAS air force colonel(awesome right!!)....
After unloading our luggage, we are heading to Pantai Chenang (Chenang beach) which located just infront of our guest house...

Camwhoring in front of the Guest house while waiting for the guys
Finally,Pantai Chenang!!!!

Here is always crowded of people.

enjoying ourselves!!!

The three pigs (Don'y meaning is they were born in the year of pig)XD

Notice the funniest pose in this picture!!!wahahahaXD
Then,sunset,then night....

of course, not so fast finish yet...after our dining in the Palm View restaurant then we continue to roam around the Pantai Chenang night street market....

If you think that this is all of my trip...YOU ARE WRONG AGAIN....cox our trip will just start.This is just the first day my dear!!!!So continue to follow my blog and you will know what happened up next and you will also see me wearing beach dress!!!!wakakaka♥

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