the success story


Raised in a village in Bau in Kuching, Kemby Anak Assan’s parents had always instilled in him that education was the key to success. Believing this to be true, he pursued a degree, followed by a Master’s degree in civil engineering. But while in university, he started a business in network marketing and started earning over RM2000 monthly. By the time he graduated, he was so convinced of the potential of his business that he spurned 2 offers to be a university lecturer and another to be a project engineer.

“I have always believed everyone has the potential to succeed. When I saw the potential of this business, I knew my time to shine had come. Elken’s products have improved my health but also that of my parents, who are now much more energetic and have less ailments. Corpsdereve lingerie also helped my wife regain her slim and curvaceous figure,” said Kemby.

Kemby’s business has yielded many benefits, including making him the proud owner of a Toyota Fortuner and a 2-storey bungalow at age 32. Kemby also delights in bringing the hope of health to hundreds of people as his network grew within Sarawak and Sabah and to Peninsular Malaysia. “The shine on people’s face when they rediscover their health is something that cannot be purchased,” said Kemby. “It’s a wonderful feeling.”

His success has also inspired his siblings and cousins to join him. His sister, once a teacher, is now earning a 5-figure income and has bought her first car after merely 4 years. He has also nurtured business leaders who were formerly school dropouts, housewives, retired army personnel, teachers and other professionals. “Anyone can do it, so long as you have the courage to change. At Elken, we always emphasise on building people, whether in terms of their health, finances, beauty or personal development,” said Kemby.

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