extraordinary power


duno want to write wat.i suppose dun wan to write anythg cause i thought ntg can share...(its all private)..my google pinyin dissapear..wat cal me update..and then dissapear like that..arhh cant write chinese anymore make me really crazy...

i already sleep 4 hrs,till 8 like tat cai wake up.My relative call me sleep pig,i oso duno y i juz like sleep,espeacially in holiday,i juz like the feeling of free and dint have to worry of anything...sleep is a type of enjoy life(juz to me)..haha..i juz like to sleep..

felt very sorry to my relative cause me always sleep,(everyday everyweek sleep sleep sleep)dint pei them..but also ok la,they play my com whole day.

promising them i will make sushi and pudding next time they come,and fruit salad and kerabu sotong.Duno i can make or not,i know its easy but spm soon and after that mom call me its the time to find work liao,its all about the time problem...wish that time willll not 'move'..wish that i could have 'extraordinary power...'...

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