Darn! ERH reminds me of #MYCYBERSALE 2017!


Few weeks ago, I came across this brand that offers "Safe and Non-Toxic Skin Care" products called ERH. Curious about their products, I decided to buy their introductory mini set.
How much does it cost? I think I got quite a good deal since there was a promo price.
Instead of RM322, it was reduced to RM258. So this is the mini set I bought.

Few weeks after the purchase, I feel regret, not because the products are bad. It is because I saw this on their website. It's #MYCYBERSALE 2017. I was surprise to know that ERH will be one of the e-Tailers too.

One of my most favourite product of ERH is this Make up Remover
Because i want to remoe my blackheads!!!

OK. So ERH will be joining #MYCYBERSALE 2017. So, what's the big deal? Here is the not-so-big and big deals:

1) Not-So-Big deal: Free Shipping - They were offering free shipping nationwide already.
2) Big Deal 1: Over 50% discount - I would punch myself if the introductory set price is reduced during the sale!
3) Big Deal 2: Gift with purchase worth RM788 and more - I would love to have this promo. Please give me free gifts!

Anyway, I am still going to stay tuned for the coming #MYCYBERSALE, happening from 9th-13th October 2017. Hopefully I can get some good deals out of ERH in the upcoming sale.

So, if you are also eyeing for their good deals during #MYCYBERSALE, make sure you click HERE!

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