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Hello girlfriends!
Welcome to my December first blog post! Yeah~
And today I'm going to share about travel + skin care.

First, ehm, do you like/love the mini travel skin care set?
Yay/ Nay?

It's a Yay for me! *High 5* if u r the same, If u r not, I'll try to convince u, haha XD

Why should love a travel skin care set?
1. Trust me, you don't want to add burden to your carry-on case! (means you can purchase more stuffs when travelling)
2. You can avoid airport stress and unnecessary excess baggage charges by shrink shrink and shrink your toiletry bag. *extra 100ml is alot! dear, u don't need that much for just a week of travel right?*
 3. Because I don't like to mess around with refillable cosmetic bottles. Now, just let the mini travel set do their work..relax mah..
4. Sun, sea, sweat,sand can do strange things on your skin. Don't tell me that I bring a cleanser is enough! Travel period is the time your skin need the most care, so why not invest on something that will benefit your skin? 

Maybe you would say,
"I don't really travel that much. do I really need one?"
There's no harm trying right? Usually a travel skin care set comes together in a complete set.
Means you don't need to spend a huge amount to purchase a full size product. You can just try for a week and observe if there is an improvement only you proceed to buy the full size one. No rugi.

Sometimes, the travel pouch is just too cute, I can't even resist..haha

Back to my main topic for today!
Sharing of belif mini travel skin care set.

I've always passed through belif stores in Malaysia but never really walk in and experience it myself.
One of the reasons is my inner thought, to believe that this is a 'too expensive' and 'not so cute' brand.

Recently I just got my first try on their products and now I know why I should try this brand.

belif is a ' humble and REAL ' brand!
belif demonstrates 100% full value by avoiding exaggerated over-packaging.
They minimize unnecessary packaging and advertising, but invest in true and efficacious herbal ingredients with the aim to deliver outstanding quality for the skin. 

Let's start!

Creamy cleansing foam moist. 30ml

This cleansing foam for all skin types, is made with natural cleansing and moisturizing properties and uses foaming action to softly wash away impurities from your skin. Formulated with Soapwort rich in vitamin C and Wormwood to remove toxins, it produces clean skin without dryness after washing.
Bergamot herbal extract toner. 20ml

 Bergamot toner for normal or combination skin. It is a readily absorbent formula that leaves a light feeling on the skin. It's watery gel system is enriched with Bergamot extracts that lock-in moisture, leaving the skin supple and refreshed. 

Best seller in Korea- Hungarian water essence 10ml

This essence contains hydration secrets of the legendary Hungarian water that enabled the Hungarian Queen Elizabeth to maintain her beauty into old age. This products cools like Spritz of water, and clings to the skin light;y without any stickiness, with lasting suppleness and softness.

Best seller in Korea- The true cream- Aqua bomb 50ml

With formula containing Lady's Mantle, often called " a woman's hydrating herb, "  this refreshing gel cream supplies instant moisture to the skin while forming a protective layer that wraps the skin in comfort.

Moisturizing and firming eye cream 5ml

This intensive eye cream provides lasting moisture and firmness to the skin as it lightly applies around the delicate eye area. it is formulated with natural oil rich in skin-friendly ingredients, such as Cupuacu Seed butter, Macadamia Nut Oil and Meadowfoam seed oil, along with the Naplers herb formula, to keep the eye area soft and supple.

belif best seller on-the -go. 

I don't believe in one time effect, but I do believe that belif can do a miracle on my skin after a period of time.
I fall in love with the mild scent of belif products.
They leave a light yet moisturizing feel on my skin. Applied them overnight and I woke up with no stickiness or oily on my skin
There is no harmful ingredients in belif. They use only traditional herbal complex. No mineral oil, synthetic fragrances, dyes, preservatives and animal origin ingredients.

Do you want to know more about the true herbal cosmetic brand belif?
Please visit a belif store or belif official website

Happy Holiday Girls!!!

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