Singapore Film Festival (January 2016)


This weekend do what? Go watch Singaporean films lah~

Happening for the very first time and with limited time only, Titian Budaya, in collaboration through GSC is organizing Singapore Film Festival to celebrate 50 years of friendship between Singapore and Malaysia.
为了庆祝新加坡和大马50年来两国的友好关系,新加坡文华团体Titian Budaya和大马GSC电影院配合举办历史以来第一次的新加坡电影节。

In between 14-17 Jan (this Thursday to Sunday), 10 Singapore films from late 90s to the present will be showing at GSC Pavilion KL and 1 Utama with the following timing. So, don't know what to do this weekend yet? Go watch Singaporean films lah~
本月14到17之间(这个星期四到星期日),该电影节将透过GSC Pavilion KL和1Utama两间电影院带来10部新加坡本地制作的90年代至今的电影,时间表如下。所以,若你还不知道这个周末要做什么的,不如去看新加坡电影呗~

1. 7 Letters | 2015 | 116分钟 | 短片串
Grateful I was to be invited to the premiere of 7 Letters (2015), an omnibus of 7 short films by 7 reputable Singaporean filmmakers, namely Eric Khoo, Jack Neo, K Rajagopal, Royston Tan, Tan Pin Pin, Boo Junfeng and Kelvin Tong. For near 2 hours, I have experienced 7 tear-bursting, artistic and educative short films in one go. My favorite is still Jack Neo's production as it always come with humors and interesting conversation between the actors. Click here for detailed information.
昨晚,我很荣幸的被邀请出席7 Letters的电影首映。这部电影凝聚了7部新加坡著名电影制作人的作品,他们是Eric Khoo, Jack Neo(我只认识梁智强导演), K Rajagopal, Royston Tan, Tan Pin Pin, Boo Junfeng和Kelvin Tong。在那短短的两小时的时间内,我看了7部让我催泪又具有艺术和教育性的小电影。7部小电影里,我还是觉得最熟悉的梁导演的作品让我青睐,还是喜欢他那带有笑料和精彩对话的作风。

Despite 7 Letters, there are another 9 movies showing. Some received prestigious awards locally and internationally, listed with brief introduction below:
除了7 Letters以外还会上映其它9部在当地和国际平台获奖的作品,以下为它们的海报和一些介绍,你可以点击进入看更详细的资料:
2. 03-Flats: 2014 | 90 分钟 | 纪录片

3. 12 Storeys 十二楼: 1997 | 105 分钟 | 戏剧

4. Banting: 2014 | 110 分钟 | 喜剧

5. Bring Back The Dead 招魂: 2015 | 86 分钟 | 恐怖片

6. Faeryville: 2015 | 95 分钟 | 动作片

7. ILO ILO爸妈不在家: 2013 | 99 分钟 | 戏剧

8. Innocents: 2012 | 88 分钟 | 神秘片

9. Ms J Contemplates Her Choice 石头剪刀布: 2014 | 88 分钟 | 惊恐片

10. SayangDisayang: 2014 | 80 min | 歌剧

So that the list of 10 films that you can choose to watch over the weekend. Again, if you don't know what to do this weekend, go watch Singaporean films lah~

More information on:
1. 新加坡电影节 -
2. GSC购票 -

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