My first Electric Train Service (ETS) experience


Since ETS was introduced in Malaysia, I'm always being anticipated to try it out. My hometown is in Kedah, and mostly all of the time I've been using flight as my main transport to back n fro. Some might said that I could choose bus rather than expensive flight to travel back but because of my countless experience in stucking with jam in the bus,I would rather choose the flight. I dint mention that the next day after taking of an average of 8-9 hours or sometime might up to more than 10 hrs bus journey.I end up spending the next day by just sleeping whole day,I'm just too mentally and physically exhausted. Bad experience with bus ady..

Since July this year, KTM started its first electric train service linking Kuala Lumpur to Padang Besar. And then , a one way trip from Alor star to Kuala Lumpur will take around 4 1/2 hr. Wow, okay wor, its only half of the time compare to the bus.
So, I decided to give out my first try to KTM ETS. So excited thatI bought the ticket one month earlier ( rumours or maybe fact state that the ticket will sold out one month earlier, so need to buy earlier lah,of course)

Then the ticket only cost me RM75. 

Okay, actually I could purchase flight ticket at that amount too if I bought it one month earlier, but since I've decided to give ETS a try, then forget about the convenience of flight first.

That's the interior of the cabin. Take note that there's no single seat ya!

There's also some special seat here which usually located at the end of every cabin where passengers can face each other and there is a table between (as shown in picture). Recommend for friends in group.

The train wouldn't stop halfway like the bus did for us to purchase our meal. That's why they are so thoughtful that they prepared a food and beverage bar at the cabin c.

Two small tables in front of the bar.

A simple menu at the bar.

Cheese sandwich at Rm 3.20
Sardine sandwiches @ RM 3.20

Bee Hun RM 5.85

My dinner at ETS. ( Fried Rice with Milo RM 5.85+RM 2.65)=RM8.50
Comment about the food:
The fried rice is not warm, and tasted so-so only.The portion is too small for me. It was quite overprice for such a set of meal with drink.

The toilet was surprisingly clean, and it looked exactly like those in the flight.

This is the train schedule from Padang Besar to KL sentral.

Overall the experience with ETS was quite pleasant,although the train late about 20 mins.I still could reach KL within 5 hours. I would definitely give ETS a next try.

For more information:
Please visit: KTM Malaysia

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