Let my picture speaks #1


Hi, I'm here for another blogpost. This time the post is more closely to instagram type, where I will describe the photos only. Hehe. 
The lock of Love-
Where the love birds hope that their love could last eternal.
Located at the peak of Penang Hill. 

Fot the first time , me and Aren visited the penang hill. Funny right, we're always in Penang but never went to such nice place before.

Young wizart-Aren is performing his magic at Hogwart ?!
milo suddenly appeared in the mug~ hehe

Hungry until can eat a flower?! 
Haha, this is the pot plant ice-cream by Sip and Chew cafe which cost only rm10. The flavours blended well with pandan sponge cake ,vanilla icecream and oreo cookies.

Strolling  at the Penang Armenian Street. This is the place where you can find local craft, souvenirs, and perfomances by local :)
I'm not sure the guy is taking photo of the old man with harmonica or Me ?! Haha

Yo! My favourite food!
Btw the muachi is not so authentic and doesn't taste good too~ i'm quite dissapointed with the muachi there :(

And then, bye penang. hi KL
I'm back for my new semester.

Visited   Bon Odori at publika.
I wonder that Sapporo beer tasted just sweet as the girls too?

It turns out raining that day and we dint enjoyed much. Missed out the perfomances too.

Then, my love one brought me to this korean restaurant- Namoo cafe

Sorry that my mind dint save a space for the name of the dishes~ haha
So, just enjoy with your eyes~ blekk

This is their dessert~ its warm .
The sweet potatoes are covered with honey and topped with peanuts.

Beef burger

And then lanterns for the mid-autumn festival. 
We looks quite childish when there is only two of us carrying the lanterns and walking around. But haha, I don't mind. Really muka tembok :P

Yeah~ and I finally have a first year junior buddy for this year ( clap clap) .Super duper excited. Finally we got a new face in our buddy photo! Dine in the peak of Kajang hill. Hehe. Nice to have them around.

Thank you for reading my blog.
Have a nice day!

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