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Hi, I'm back for a quick blog post^^
Feel guilty for dint update the blog for quite some time.
And actually there are some post I'm working on, they are still stay as drafts, would complete them and upload as soon as possible lar =)
So, for now, just sit back and enjoy some photos from my camera, hehe 

The paiseh ( hide behind the book) face for behave as a not-so-responsible blogger. Haha

This cute little toddle was the one that sit beside me during my ferry ride to Langkawi. My 2 hr ride become so enjoyable and funny as can play along with her. She keep on waving and smiling at me and aunt for the entire 2 hour without getting tired. The funny moment is I have to do all kind of grimace just to entertain her~~~ haha, pity my face muscles XP
The mummy cat at the guest house we stayed at langkawi. The owner's wife (japanese) is an extreme cat lovers with lotsa cats around the guest house. Heavenly place for me.
Tom Yam at Langkawi. Love the heavy sweet and spicyness taste they got. i forgot the restaurant name ( very jialat one) and the lao ban niang even treat me for our dinner....feel extremely guilty right now!!!!!!! I should repeat the restaurant name for like x1000 times in my head before I left Langkawi...
                                               Caption- 海边的大美女,呵呵
                                                        beauty by the beach

Thanks for the so perfect hot sun that I could capture such a beautiful beach. Capture one photo and then run to the shade. Btw, this is the famous Langkawi Chenang beach.

Tea time with bestie. Both of us ordered the same hot choco. First time in my life that i saw a so presentable bear-bear smiley face hot choco.
Cham beng. Also my first try. Macam katak bawah tempurung lah... ( its a milo+ coffee mix bah if I've not mistaken) . This is from an old kopitiam located at Gurun ,Kedah. The taste that could not forget, I love it so much and would try for another time if still got chance visit to Gurun lar... hope the old old kopitiam wouldnt shut down but pass their kungfu to the next generation. Same feelings to my another fav roti canai ,Indian mee rebus and putu mayong at home town!!! Pls pls pls survive for another more 10 years so that I could enjoy gao gao!!! Hehe. 

The souvenir from my best mate- kok onn ^^ Compliment and perli at the same time but I like it :) 
Watermelon is okay, dont want become yoga ball then enough d =p
Again smiley face!! Next time i want to do that on all of my kitchen eggs too.Then, the moment when I look at them, all my endorphins hormones a.k.a happy hormones will start to release. 有种可以吃蛋就饱的感觉。

Random drawing while studying my ENT notes. Im a type of girl that easy to lost her concentration wan~~~ this is the reason why she can only study a few pages in one night. fail.....haha

Yeah..end of post. 
Hope to see u again in my next post.

Smile more and be happy everyday.

Thanks for reading. =)

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