My 1st time with NIVEA's rinse off body lotion


Remember the days when your hair turns so frizzy and dry during the hot weather and you need to use the hair-conditioner or any leave-on conditioner to save it. Why?
The purpose of using it is to replace any moisture lost by the hair and to smooth the cuticle layer of the hair to leave the hair feeling soft, silky and shiny.

The factor that damage the hair such as hot and dry weather usually cause the same harm to our skin too.
If your hair need to replenish the moisture so do YOUR SKIN!

In Malaysia, we have a lot of factors that can harm our skin , causing it to become dry and flaky. Sometimes, when it get worst, we have to scratch our skin and this may leads to skin infections, redness and scars.
To protect and improve our skin condition, first, we need to identify the factors -

8 Causes of dry skin:
  1. Hot and dry weather- Imagine how fast a bowl of water evaporates when we put it under the sun, the same goes to the water in our skin too. Our body tends to lost more water during hot and dry weather .
  2. UVA,UVB- UV radiation from the sun play a major part in skin aging and wrinkling.
  3. Air conditioner- When the temperature drops, the humidity level plunges too. Dry air leaves skin parched.
  4. Low hydrational status- Keep in mind that we need to have 8 glasses of water per day. But how many of us actually achieved that? When you get dehydrated, it will directly affect your skin and causing it to become dry.
  5. Dust- Dust might not cause dryness of skin, but it will get trapped  in our pores and this is the reason why we need to shower each day to make ourselves clean.
  6. Hot shower- Setting the shower to steamy soothes your body, but it won't do your skin any favors. I know it feels wonderful to  stand in a really hot shower but it will dry off the natural oils in our skin more quickly. The longer you linger in the shower, the more you dry out your skin.
  7. Soap- Wash with a harsh soap and you'll send your skin's natural moisture barrier straight down the drain.
  8. Aging- As hormone levels change over the years, skin becomes thin and parched. 

Now you know the factors, and maybe in your mind, there are a lot of ideas that you think may help you get out of the dry skin problems.
You may think that if I avoid standing under hot sun, wearing long pants and gloves, drink more can help yourself out of this.
But let me tell you the easiest solution. APPLYING LOTION IS THE BEST SOLUTION!
They exist in the market and on the shelf for a reason! 

For myself , I have tried out different kinds of body lotion in the market. Not to say that they are not good. They helped to replenish the moisture in my skin and leave a good scent too. I will only apply the lotion after I wear the clothes. This means only both my upper and lower limbs are protected with lotion. The rest of the body? NO!
To help you guys visualize where I apply my lotion =D

So, when you throw me question such as:
Why your skin are still dry since you told us that you got apply lotion?

Please allow me to nag a little bit~~
I'm not purposely want my skin to dry out.I love my skin just like how I love to eat chocolates =P. 
Just sometimes, I dint have time for that  lotion. After putting on my clothes, I have to rush out. I can't wait for the lotion to dry~~
And also, it is not my habit to put on the lotion. Although I put it on my dressing table , the lotion still dint come into my eyes~~~
It's all my fault, I put all my face skincare routine first and ignore the lotion........=(

Enough of blabbing, this is the main point I would like to share =)

3 weeks ago, I discovered something interesting on our local pharmaceuticals store.
The NIVEA's body lotion.

The " IN- SHOWER" and "SKIN- CONDITIONER" words on the bottle attracted me.
I'm like
Betul ke?

Use the lotion while still in shower? then will the lotion still stay on my body?
Can it replenish the moisture of my skin?

Lotsa lotsa questions keep popping out that time.

To solve the questions, let us have a look on the guide first ^_^
The lotion is very easy to use. Just need to apply it after the shampoo then rinse off =)

4 steps to get yourself ready:
1. Use any shower gel and rinse off
2. Apply NIVEA In-Shower Skin Conditioner while still in shower
3.Rinse off
4.Get dressed.

I'm actually very surprised and happy that there got such a product in the market right now. It's served the same function as the hair conditioner which immediately helps to lock the moisture after the shampoo had washed away our natural oils. When your hair need conditioner to help it become smooth and silky, trust me, your skin need the same too!!!

NIVEA in-shower skin conditioners are available in 2 different types:

  •  ( Almond oil) for dry skin
  •  (Sea minerals) for normal skin
Priced RM 16.90 (250ml) each.

My personal pick is the Nivea In-shower Intensive skin conditioner (Almond oil) as I have a very dry skin.
Below are my testimonies after 2 weeks of trying out
I love how this product helps in saving my time.
By putting it next to my shower gel, I never missed it even once for these 2 weeks!
The unique formula has a water light texture with non-oily and sticky which spreads easily and absorb quickly in shower to achieve the soft and silky on skin.
Nivea's in shower skin conditioner has been dedicated to making smooth, soft and beautiful skin a possibility, it protects my skin from pollution and dry weather and at the same time provide nourishment and moisturize.The light scent of almond oil smells good too!
And and and I can apply it to every parts of my skin without missing one =)
Now there is just half a bottle left ...If you ask me whether I would buy it again, the answer is definitely YES!

Thankfully, I've found the most suitable body lotion for myself. This unique and innovative product really leaves me a good impression, with just 2 weeks, my skin appears smoother, more hydrated, charged with a radiance from deep within.
Nivea's In shower skin conditioner has become part of my shower routine, I couldn't imagine a day without it. =)

If you still doubt what I'm telling, you can watch the video below =)

I will not simply recommend to any one of you if this product im using is not helping.

Brace yourself to try out Nivea's in-shower intensive skin conditioner today and achive that smooth, soft touch and radiant inner glow skin =)

Thanks and Have a nice day!
Good Luck trying :)
Be beautiful and confident ^^ 

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