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Hi and Happy Weekend !!! I hope everyone is having a nice day today. You know what, smile more and your day will be more beautiful!

And I'm sitting here, smiling while blogging. Not because I'm insane but I'm in a happy mood. I'm here writing because of someone. Someone that told me to keep on blogging, because he/she is reading it all the time. I knew there might have someone that got read my blog because want to know my recent updates, especially my close friends. Seriously, I'm so touched when there are some unexpected people that leaved me message to tell me keep on writing. Thank you so much. You warmed my heart and this is why I'm here again after one month.

The true story behind why I'm writing once a month is not because I'm really that lazy. I love to share with you all. But if you are my long-term reader, you may noticed that every of my blog post is usually very long. I've that habit of include everything in my post because I would like you to know more and ALL if I can. That is why it makes my writing process a little bit difficult, I have to find some details, choosing the right photos first, then rearrange my ideas, then blog. The whole process took me half day if fast, a whole day if I was a little bit lazy. This means I have to sacrifice my weekend to produce only one post.

"You takes 1min to scroll from top to bottom, and I used 1 day to produce it" .

Anyway, I appreciate the effort of you guys clicking in and actually did read it. Thank you so much.
This is why I keep on writing today. 

So fast, time flies, it's the end of the year d. I'm the most excited when this time during my primary & secondary school. We all love that year-end holiday, right anot? This means I could go holiday here and there with my family, and there is no tuition, no homework!!! God, thanks for giving us this year-end holiday.
But right now, haha, I've grown up, just passed my 21, in uni, no more year end holiday =(. sad.

Btw, this post ,is my vacation last month to Singapore. Hmm, best time in Uni is like you will have holidays not crash with school holidays. Means not much people, cheaper fees, no long queue etc etc..hahaXD

Visiting S.E.A aquarium was not list under my half-backpack trip to Singapore. It happened coincidentally that I got free tickets then I got a chance to pay my first visit there =) *Big smile*

To those who don't know S.E.A Aquarium, Singapore.
  • Known as Marine Life Park, ocenarium located in Resort World Sentosa, Singapore.
  • Date opened- 22/11/2012
  • It is the world's largest aquarium accredited by Guinness World Record, contains a total of 45,000,000 litres of water for more than 100,000 marine animals of over 800 species.

The S.E.A Aquarium not only crowned as the World's largest aquarium, it has also the largest viewing panel.
Later I'll show u all the picture ^^

yeah^^ that's me. Purposely went to Resort world Sentosa for this thing =)

       The S.E.A Aquarium also included free admission to the Maritime Experiential Museum.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
It is the first and only museum to showcase the maritime history of Asia.

These were also known as THE SOUK.
Centuries ago, merchants plying the Maritime Silk Route would call at many different bustling ports and souks.
Today, the sights , sounds and even scents have been recreated, complete with interactive activities and panels, to give visitors an inkling of what life was like in those days.

*Souk was refer to marketplaces in Arab cities

Featuring over 400 rare objects, the Maritime Experiential Museum takes you on a journey of epic voyages.

Okay, and I'm now at the main entrance to the Aquarium. That day quite crowded because I went a day  before Hari Raya Haji.
Need to queue for at least 10 mins to just get into the 180 degree viewing tunnel...

don't even mention taking a personal photos of myself with all the fishes, all I could take is head, ya, human's head ==''' because I'm too short d, hahaXD

Thanks to the magnifying glass , so that I could take a clear picture of this duno what prawn and also their eggs. 

I queue for 30 mins to get myself a try of touch to these sea creatures

Nice experience touching the sea stars and bamboo shark in the ice-cold water.

The aquarium comprise 10 zones with 49 habitats. You can discover the strait of Karimata & Java Sea, Strait of Malacca & Andaman Sea, Bay of Bengal & Laccadive Sea, Persian Gulf & Arabian Sea, Red Sea,  East africa and South China Sea...Phew, finally finish d. All the fishes that came familiar to me are all from South China Sea of course, the rest  memang tak tau. Just keep on wow here wow there, because these sea creatures were all too pretty and colourful!!
This was taken under the magnifying glass too, I duno what is this called, but they did look like snake, and they just stay static there, moving along with the water.
the best part for me i think, staying there watching the cleaner cleanse the glass, haha, better than berebut-rebut here and there trying to snatch pictures of the fishes

 Giant Spider Crab- Despite being the largest known crustacean, the species is very placid. It is unable to swim and generally do not hunt, but instead crawl along and pick up dead and decaying plant and animal matter along the sea bed at depths up to 300m. Most interesting fact - can  live up to 100 years!!! wow

Have you ever wondered how's a star fish looks like underneath , like the dish sponge anot? hahaXP

 Moon Sea Jelly- this is the most widely distributed sea jellies. It's stings is slightly venomous to humans, with immediately prickly to mild burning sensation. 
The most enjoying moment when see the electrifying pulsating dances of the translucant sea jelly ^^

Here comes the largest viewing panel!!!

The best photo I could have on that day, the tunnel is still so crowded with people at the exit part. damn, feel like suffocate already ~~
Next is taking pictures with the dummies!!
(Zheng He exhibits)
These exhibits chronicle Admiral Zheng He's life and his fleet for the famous seven voyages he led between 1405-1433 for the Ming Emperor, which were among the largest naval expeditions in history.
To all that read the history of Malaysia before, I think you know who is James Brooke. James Brooke a.k.a Rajah of Sarawak was a British adventurer whose exploits in areas of Malay Archipelago led to him becoming the first White Rajah of Sarawak.
A section to let us try out all the musical instruments.

Berthed outside the Museum are full sized replicas of five historic ships- The Fuchow Junk, Indian Dhow, Indonesia Borobudur Ship, Amy Junk and Javanese Jong.

One day pass for S.E.A aquarium is $38 for adult, $28 for child or senior.
$=Singapore dollar.

Ya, end already, haha, so happy, I could watch the On call 36 II now...

Bye, Have a nice day everyone.
Muacks , love you all^^
Thanks for reading =)

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