We love Asia 2.0 vs Arthur's day 2013


That exciting feelings finally come back again when I saw my photos 1 by 1 upload to this new post. My blog has been so empty for 1 month d. This doesn't means my life is so empty too. I'm just too overwhelmed  by the new semester life,  getting more busier in the hospital. And I got so much to share of like what I've been doing for the previous 2 months, my clinical experiences, some skincare reviews, events.....lol, so much pending post and now I don't know where to start with pula~~~ hahaXD. I wish I could have more time to sit down and blog them instead of one month once =(

Then I choose to write about this We Love Asia 2.0 and Arthur's day together because they just happened not long ago and if I wrote them after some while , it wouldn't be so fun reading it already. We Love Asia 2.0 and Arthur's Day 2013 are 2 different events but held on the same place that is Sepang International Circuit. And so coincidentally, I was also invited by the same person to those events. teehee** kamsahamida =) 

The 2-days music festival take place at Sepang International Circuit on 6th & 7th September 2013. But I only went on the first day, haha, because I just want to see Pitbull only!!!!
But yeah, there's still other international acts that rock the stage on that night too including DJ Antoine, Da Silva & DJ Day Post.
DJ Day Post on stage.
Krista Kleiner better known as Krista K, is an American Singer, songwriter ,actress and also Miss Philippines International 2010. The most talented and gorgeous singer at that night liao!!! 
Me enjoying myself at the rock zone =DD

I wanna scream and shout and let it out loud !!!!

DJ Antoine sharing his love to the crowds~~~

Come on, raise your hands and jump together!!!

Everyone is rebut for his autograph.

And next, see who is here!!!!
Pitbull show up with just a plain black polo-t and black sunglasses only. But still, he looks so yeng!!!XD

and he got the most sexy dancers to dance along too. Their dance steps just bring the atmosphere to a higher level.wooo~~~

Not just a team of professional dancers, but their body figures are damn nice too. All the guys just cant take their eyes off them~hahaXD
And just like other concerts, they will put the most famous singer as their finale. This time is the same too, all of the crowds just wait for Pitbull only~~After the performance end, almost half of the crowds leave the place d, include me lar... too exhausted of dance and sing together all night d.

My comment for We love asia 2.0: Pretty good because it is a 2 days events, so if u miss the first day, u still can go for the next day. The ticket price is reasonable ( weekend pass worth RM169 each), think that u can see international artist such as Pitbull and Black Eyes Peas, so worth anot leh?? hehe. Btw , the drinks selling there are pretty expensive though, one bottle of mineral water cost rm5, hmm. 1 can of coke for Rm 10. There is still alot of ppl buying frm them because we can't bring our foods or drinks inside.

BO Huat ( no choice)!!!!

We Love Asia 2.0 is also a perfect place for couple to hang around as there is a fun park inside.FYI, entrance ticket is not include of fun park, u need to purchase another ticket in order to have a ride. =S

Arthur's Day 2013
Next , let's move on to Arthur's day which was held on 27th September 2013 at The Welcome Centre in Sepang International Circuit.
Quite lucky that we are having media pass so we can park at the VIP area so don't need to walk so far to reach the welcome centre.
Just a few steps then we reach the main entrance d . YAY =)
Lotsa pretty gals/models standing along the walkway for us to take photograph with them.
Haha, I was wearing ballerina flat only but still look not-so-short compared to them. First time feel so proud of my height!!hehe. BTW , the 'tagline ' not represent me lar. I'm not so into alcohol drinks this kind of thing de~~~seriously not so love at first sip.hahaXD. Opps sorry , Guinness...
Special lounge set up for the people that just want to enjoy their beers at a more peace and quiet environment . It's kinda like bar style. Perfect place for chit chatting .
A booth where we can redeem our free t-shirt. just download the DS apps and show it to the crew.

Open air bar that set up quite a distance from the stage. Still a place that pretty good to mingle around with friends with minimal amount of moonlight and noisy sounds from stage.
Enough of walking around then we move on to the main stage area. 
Have you ever heard 'Once Upon A Time There Was A Sausage Named Bob'. Phewww , a very long band name that I need to google search only to find out..hahaXD. That time we arrived was quite late d because of massive traffic jam and we only managed to catch up the second opening band of the night  and the lead singer is  Etsy Richard.
Showing u all how the stage look like. It's a  twins stage separate by a middle compartment for music system of DJ and emcee.
Joey G at the DJ deck and played tunes to set the mood for the night. From the looks of how much crowds is waving and jumping, we can said that he did a darn good job at keeping the masses pleased throughout the night
Along the side of the stage , there is still two open-air bars set up for TradeVIP and VIP media. Free flows of beer throughout the night!!!!!woohoo~~~

Kudos to Serena C- Resident Guinness girl and Hitz.fm DJ Arnold Loh. They are responsible to entertain the crowds when the music stopped!
The only solo act to perform on Arthur's day this year is John Ondrasik. Five For Fighting is the stage name for him. If you don't know him yet, so let me help u rewind back.He is famous for the 2001 hit single Superman (It's not easy).Get it?

John Ondrasik and his band of brothers wooed the crowd with their mellow tunes and everyone loved it!!

American rock band The All-American Rejects

This is their first time in Malaysia. One of my favourite moments of their set was when they played an instrument version of Malaysia's national anthem, which nobody expected and everyone sing along with it. Yes!!! the spirit of Malaysia =D

"Let the lights shine on my crowds"- All American Rejects. Thanks to him so that we can have a clear photo of how big the crowds are!!!
Big balloons were thrown to us to bring the energy to a higher level.

Let's put your hands up and welcome????

THE WANTED!!!!( British-Irish boy band)

The Wanted consists of Siva Kaneswaran, Jay McGuiness, Max George, Nathan Sykes and Tom Parker.

Nathan Sykes , which I think is the most handsome among the band members.

To say that the Irish- English boyband gave it their all at Arthur's Day would be an understatement. There's no denying that these boys know how to party, but they also know how to put on a show. What a way to end the night.

Some of you maybe asking what is Arthur's Day actually?
lol, this came to my mind too when I first heard of it. Seriously I have no idea what is Arthur's day. So, again, I googled....

Arthur's Day refers to an annual series of music events worldwide, first organised by Diageo in 2009 to promote the 250th anniversary of its Guinness brewing company.

Finally , my post come to an end. This post took me for a long time as I need to select quality pictures among seas of them to present to u guys.I hope u all enjoy all the pictures here.

Have a nice day everyone!!
Thanks for reading =)

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