My virgin try (Extra Virgin Olive Oil on face and hair)


Pull out a mirror after the daily routine of facial wash . Checking my face before applying the toner.

  • pores &acne.
Yes, I do not have the good skin features that are well hydrated, smooth , shiny and glowing. Instead , I have a combination skin that I sometimes feel my forehead , nose, or chin appear oilier than a fast-food kitchen, while the skin around my cheeks, eyes and mouth is normal.

Then , during my this holiday, I feel that I need to make a change to my skin. Not to a perfect one, but at  least improve it. So, I did some search to find out some tips. 

I did not own the good genes for that clean and glowing skin that could light up the times square.
Btw, why not making a good choices to protect, heal and repair my skin?

Your skin is the biggest and heaviest organ of your body, making up 15%  of your body weight and covering 12 to 20 square feet.
The composition of skin:
  • 70 % water
  • 25% protein
  • less than 5 % fat.
So, now u know why you need to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day, the benefits of it not just limited to removes toxin from the body, helps prevent constipation, regulates body temperature but will also help us to obtain a healthier and younger looking skin.

And another interesting fact that you all may not realise. Do you know why every day you sweep the floor, there are still dust everywhere? How does dust form?

We can generate as much as a gallon of sweat in 2hrs, so we don't have to pant like a dog ( dogs don't sweat ). Also, unlike dogs, most of us don't shed our furry coat, but we do lost nine pounds (4kg) of skin per year.That's a lot of dust right?

I'm talking for so long , but these all still not related to main topic yet. Why do I mention "my virgin try"?

It's not what you all thinking about.

But just I want to share about my virgin try on this - Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

I usually search for how to improve the skin condition using natural ingredients and then I found out this Extra virgin olive oil.

 EVOO is extracted from olives from using pressure, a process known as cold pressing. "EVOO" has just 1 % acid. It is the oil that comes from the first pressing of the olives , and is considered as the finest, having the freshest fruitiest flavor. Extra virgin is the highest quality and most expensive olive oil classification. 

Olive oil is definitely the richest gift from heaven. Olive oil has many valuable uses. Mediterranean uses it in cooking, personal care, home improvement, green cleaning, natural remedies, and other areas!!

Unlike other cooking oils that will only bring us problems such high blood pressure, clogged arteries. Extra virgin olive oil do the other ways, it rich in monounsaturated fats, antioxidants, Vitamin E that can help in fighting diseases such as cancer, heart diseases ,diabetes ,obesity , Rheumatoid Arthritis and so on.

Btw, today I will focus on how EVOO can improve on our skin and also hair. So, I tried on it for one week and yes, I'm going to share my testimonies to you all. =)

Many people ever told me that they did not make-up, so they don't need to use any make-up remover. I'm going to tell u that this is a very wrong concept. Why? Because we usually will expose to a lot of dust everyday, and this dust will clog your pores! You need to remove them first before you wash your face! 
And hello?! a lil bit of sucscreen or bb cream appplication also considered as make-up.
So today, please start to use a make-up remover to prevent your skin from aging.
Before this, I used Biore make-up remover wipes and the cleansing oil. I found out the later is the best as it would dissolve all the waterproof make-up, lifting away the impurities and dirt. All of these will become history now after I found out EVOO. EVOO has the same effect as Biore cleansing oil. A little bit of EVOO on my face will quickly dissolve everything on it. One more good news is EVOO will not clog your pores, don't worry!

My DIY EVOO make-up remover recipes:
1. put a 50 cents amount of EVOO on your face, massage gently , then rinse thoroughly with water OR
2. put a 50 cents amount of EVOO into a cotton pad and wipe through your face

simple right?
To obtain a good skin, exfoliating is the key! If you have dry skin, exfoliating helps get rid of the flaky dry skin. If you have oily skin or combination skin, exfoliating help reduce the lifespan of breakouts by breaking through the dead skin cells which can cause buildup and acne and bringing fresh new skin  to the surface.

Whilst, exfoliating your body is a must! Your skin is constantly shedding dead skin cells- at a rate of up to 50,000 per minute. The problem is that sometimes the dead skin cells don't fall off- they just buildup and clog pores or make skin feel rough. That's why it's important to exfoliate your entire body instead of just your face.

Now,yup, grab your bottle of EVOO here again, we're going to do a DIY scrub using that!!!
No matter what measuring tools u use. Just apply the 2:2:1 ratio to the sugar, EVOO and honey.
If you want to make a large amount of scrub, do keep them in a clean container!

Because of the clumps of sugar there, everytime it would leave me the tickling feeling over my body. So, if you guys can't stand that, you can exchange the sugar with salt which has more smooth texture.
And a kindly remind, this body scrub will cause your bathroom floor to become slippery and greasy. After your once a week of application, please clean your bathroom together =D

And next, for girls with long hair. split-ends, tangled, dry, damaged like all come in package when you decide to have that long hair! Those smooth and silky hair in the advert do not really exist in real life. Therefore, we always need to use that hair mask, hair conditioner and leave-in conditioner to improve that. 俗语说:见不得光阿!! 那么就要想办法让他见光去。We need to find a solution for this problems that haunted us for so long.

Here come EVOO again, pour a coin size on your palm, spread the EVOO evenly on your hair all the way till the tips, then comb it. You can apply on damp or dry hair.=)

In this picture, you could see my hair is frizzy at first. After applying the EVOO, my hair becomes smooth and manageable , no more tangles anymore and most importantly, my curls show up again! Nice ar =D

Now , the last one! 
A mask on my face is usually vital when I have events on weekend. I usually have mask weekly. (My scheming, My Beauty Diary's , Elianto, Savee ) are the brand of masks that I love the most! Especially the hyaluronan hydrating mask from My Scheming, that is the best among all!!

Actually besides those masks, I tried before simple DIY mask using natural ingredients like eggs too. Do you know egg whites have brightening and tightening effect whilst egg yolk can moisturize your skin?
 Usually, I will just apply egg white on my skin first to remove the blackheads and followed by egg yolk. The worst unpleasant feeling you may have? the smell of egg!=P BTW, if you want a mask for just 40cents, why not try it? hehe

But today, I will teach about how to create a mask using EVOO that rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effects. The honey have moisturizing effect here.
Let's start.
You will need 1 egg, a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of EVOO to create this mask.
1. Don't waste the egg white,apply them on your skin , wait for 5 to 10 mins. This would help to reduce blackheads and remove dirt on your skin.
Rinse your face before the next step.
2.Combine egg yolk, honey and EVOO together. Stir them until they mix and dance together! Okay,done, apply on your face please. Set your timer to 15 mins.
Rinse off!! Woola, brighter and hydrated face there=D

This post is really come to an end now. 
My conclusion is,
ehemmm, okay, if all of these works on me, I would definitely cut down my other skin & hair cares product below  which cost me a lot of fortune.

Biore cleansing oil, Eucerin's dermoPurifyer set, Hada labo set, Bioessence's  deep exfoliating gel,  Bodyshop's scrub, Sunsilk's keratinology hair mask and leave-in conditioner. Total Rm 300+.
This mean I could save so much $$ with just a bottle of RM20 EVOO?

Hmm, believe or not is up to u, but I really substitute most of my beauty products with EVOO now. RM20 mar, so I could save the rest money to spend on clothes and accessories...hehe

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Thank you for reading my blog.
Have a nice day =)

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