Happy Duan wu Festival


First, wish everyone Happy duan wu!! Or Happy Dragon Boat Festival. For those that have dumplings at home like me, happy enjoying it!!! For those that dint have any dumpling, u can go google the picture, then STARE at it yaaa :D

After today's outing and some chat-up with my BFF, I found out that i have not update my blog for a long time. *a little bit sorry to this blog*

i have not much too update , erm maybe to tell that I have passed my professional exam 1 ( this is 2 weeks ago story) , and it also means that I have NUAAAA for 2 weeks d, muahahaha

I started to read all these notes 1month ( the hell month)  before exam , imagine in the time u read it you still need to make sure that the things still inside your mind, cause you will not have enuf time to read it second time..... Anyway i have make it, and feel so proud of myself!!!

to those that got read my blog before, 
I've changed my blog cover picture!!!! The old one has been there for 2 years, seriously i'm so reluctant  to change it!!!!

not much to update here, coz I'm still in a holiday mood. 
Anyway, I promise the next post will be an interesting one!!!


Have a nice day

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