Graffiti & Songkran's festival


In my previous blog post, I did mentioned about YNOT Graffiti competition . It is an event held by Genting and the final is fall on last week.

Thanks to Resort World Genting, I was invited as a blogger to the 2 days event there.

So all my frens asking me, "why u always went Genting, can't u grow boring of it?" 
Frens, this time is different!!! It's not just about playing around in the theme park, u know, it's more fun than that!!XD

The event was held around the Merdeka stage at the outdoor theme park and the Genting invites lotsa performers to make the event more BOOM!!!

We were first welcomed by BMX bike showcase
by Raja Shammi, Sheikh Muhammad, Muhammad Hafizi and Ahmad Shaiful

and then there is Special HITZ FM outside broadcast along with the event too!!cool not???
Is me with HITZ FM DJ!!!

Into the mainpoint why I'm writting this post--to show u all how the street artists transformed a plain wall to an awesome one with just aerosol cans!!!Amazing right??
That is called Graffiti.=D

Let me select my first 3 favourites . Symbol-ed with # .Mostly they are all from open category.

and this is my sister (cousin), invite her along with me since I'm allowed to bring one more guest .Tq to the generosity of Genting again so that I'm not lonely throughout the 2days event ^.^

Graffiti from open category!!!=D

This is the most unique one among the other Graffiti. I mean it look like wall painting more than Street Graffiti.BTW it really look nice


and the artist still doing his final touch up on the spot!!!
Open category. You can see mostly all the Graffiti are using Genting as their theme. Gambling, theme park, genting mascot and so-on~~

and I'm here at student category!!!

and you can notice their skills are far more behind than the open category one.
But still their creativity is a BOOM!! Nice try XD

and when I saw these I like hmmm, r u kidding ??? No offense, but how come they conteng until~~~~

After that, we were brought to enjoy the outdoor theme park new ride. Named as THE WAVE!!!
It was first lauched on 23/3/2013

It's like experience yourself moving in the tummy of a whale!! The wave machine will close its tent during the midway and increase its speed to the maximum. Awesome right???

Apart form that, there is a Songkran's festival at Genting outdoor theme park too. What is Songkran? It is actually a celebration in Thailand as the traditional New Year's day from 13 to 15 April where people throwing of water upon others

Are you ready to get wet and SHAMPOOED???
Yes,as u can see, RWGenting has prepared two giant foam producing machines to let us play along XDD

Next day, my visit to Genting gallery during my free & easy session

LOl, after a long time i have not stayed in a hotel room that faced the theme park. It was so fun to observe people from windowXD sounds weird ,haha,btw I love to observe people=PP

Thanks for giving us such  a big room + face theme park somemore in this super peak season =DDD
(Me and my cousin owning one room)wakakaka>.<
I almost forget this. This is Elecoldxhot dance theme. famous street dancer!!! sorry for the poor quality photo, their dancing steps is just too fast~~~

Finally a pic with my sis!!!

Thanks to genting and Nuffnang for all the meals, accommodation an transportation.

We have our meals at
Happy Valley Restaurant @theme park hotel (seafood),
Coffee terrace @Maxims genting (buffet dinner),
First Wold cafe @ first world hotel (buffet breakfast),
Resort cafe @ resort hotel (buffet lunch)

Link about the event if you wanna find out more
about YNOT,

thats all, 
see u in my next post
have a nice weekend =D

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