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Helloooo !!!I'm here to blog about something quite *outdated*. heheXP .Its happened a month ago, then I only sit here to blog about it, forgive me, I'm such a lazy blogger ;)

Haha, you have saw the photo right?? I'm at Skytrex Adventure Shah Alam.

 Are you an outgoing person? like jungle trekking alot? outdoor activities are your favourite past time ? Or just you have nothing to do during your weekend and public holidays?
Come, follow me, I'll let you know how this place can filled up your weekend emptiness!!!MuahahaXD

So, let me tell you what is going on first

Hmm, I've got the invite from Nuffnang to join the Skytrex Extreme Challenge with other bloggers on 19 January 2013. That is the main reason why I can discover this place. My first time to Shah Alam park,u know?

After all the bloggers had gathered together, we heading towards our challenge. No!!! Lunch first!!!

We were treated just like VIP with table decorated with some country feel,and a reserved sign somemore. Just for us =)
 It's a very healthy and kinda like Subway type sandwich for us, all thanks to The Bakery Moments.
Wait harrr, It's still a long way to try the main challenge . You first need to get some briefing from the coach to know the basic information such as understanding the maps. Very important you know? How if you get lost up on the tree, then get kidnapped by Tarzan , and live happily ever after that~~~wakaka, I'm just kidding. He is just telling us This new circuit is the latest addition to the park and boasts 34 extreme challenges with some platforms reaching the height of 22 meters. 
Did this fella look familiar to u? Yes, he is my senior-buddy (Alistair Low). Many thanks to him, without him, I couldn't come to this place also. He bought his own extreme challenge ticket to join us .*GRIN* .Cox,I'm free-of-charge.wahahaahaXD.

 We have to put on this so-called PPE(personal protective equipment). hahaha,first time such professional thing attached on me other than stethoscope ~~><. Did I look a little bit professional now? heeheee

Okay, guys, are you ready? We're almost enter the main part already
A group photo of all the extreme challenger first. Then, here we are, a safety briefing and training session before we really start. This is the most important step as we were guided to use the PPE OURSELVES. YES, you dint see wrongly, we have to do all the things ourselves upside there, nobody will coach us or help us to secure ourselves when we are right up there!!!!! It's all about living like Tarzan later, there is no tarzan mama~~~~so no CRY OUT har...all u can do now is listen carefully,so you wouldn't die, SO EASILY!!!XPPP.HMMM
Try with this low platform first before we start a real one. And you see these are the steps how I get myself ready for flying fox. Know to flying fox is quite important cox there are like more than 10 flying fox later that you need to do in jungle.

Enough of the 'keleteran' right? Is time for the real challenge. Climb up the 22 meters ladder first, haha, you don't expect to get an escalator to bring u up so high right? (This is the ladder from Big thrill challenge). I think overall ,this maybe consider as the toughest part for me,as I never climb so HIGH before. *no looking down* *scary*
For each platform, you will find this thing!! It teach us how we're going to secure ourselves to get to another platform. 1. is for flying fox for more simple task 3.We've to plug ourselves to the red tape cable attached on the tree, so we wouldn't fall down from the tree accidentally.

Here a list of some challenges upside there, I managed to shoot some only ^^. Range from easy to hard~~
The most easiest one,which you close eyes also can pass !!!hahaXD. How I value the easiness? Something that you accidentally, or purposely fall down also cannot die one, cox,why? U see, they secure so many ropes beside just to make sure u keep on moving to the more harder platform .(*candy* for us at the beginning first!!!)
Medium hard

Flying fox station! You can swing until u dont want upside there, cox it's really a lot of themXDDD.

And this is the place to train your balancing!!! okay, why i put the lethargy pets here is because, after so much tough challenge before, and we like left 20% energy ~~~~we still need to climb so high up to take that challenge.....waaaaaa  bo laatttt liaooo
the hardest one- Monkey climb and ermm, u see yourselves larr
tarzan swing~~~

I'm trying very hard to complete all the tasks!!!

Then,ya, how can here no pretty photos of myself? *buay paiseh*
I can said that my balancing-ness is very awesome. Y ? because I still can took such pretty photos with wide smile somemore~~YeahXDD.Can u do that?

One more important thing to tell~~ one platform can only has maximum 3 persons up on it.NO MORE THAN THAT. That is why we spend like 3 hrs up on there to complete all the tasks as we have to wait for the next platform to clear before we step on it^^

Lastly, thanks to Nuffnang that I have the opportunity to join this event .
What I earned in this thing?
1.Free extreme challenge from Nuffnang.
2.Meet awesome bloggers too (view them beside my blogroll)

I need to thanks GOD  a lot for arrange such a marvelous thing in my life

For more information, 
hope on to Skytrex adventure for pre-booking. 
RM 55 -extreme challenge,
Rm 45- Big thrill.

Bye and see you in my next post.
Current updates, having my after-final holiday now! I'm going to Sabah next week.
maybe another jungle trekking there?haha^^

Okay, have a nice day=D

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