Happy chinese new year


Planned to post something before the chinese new year and inform that Im having my second year first sem final exam on 18 of February .so half of february will be a no post period! ( i always dint manage to follow my plan==''')

Btw,due to some boredom result frm studying,then...haha...a few photos here taken by first day of CNY. THIS IS ALSO MY FIRST TIME BLOGGING USING IPAD! XD

Yes,now is my study week!!!!i only start studying today becox the previous few days were busy bai nian at grandma ,relatives houseand friends gathering!! i think other also like thatXD. why is my study week in Cny geh?? How come they duno chinese will be very BUSY during the CNY period? but thanks God la,there is no exam at chu3 like last year

Wish me can pass! SERiously, I NEED THAT LUCK XP

Most love CNY dress becox of the polka dots...this year no moods to buy alot of cny dress becox mostly dress i saw are almost same, ALL RETRO GEH!!

Do u spot a tattoo?><

finally, a wish from me, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR TO ALL. for those that are in study week like me, Happy studying too, and good luck in finalXD

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