The September #Start of my second year.


I'm leaving my blog for almost 2 months already~~My initial insistence of blogging at least once per week was not there anymore.Okay,I'll try my best to keep blogging from now on ><

Going to label September as the busiest month in this year.
1.Start of my second year.
2.Juniors orientation week.
3.Non-stop exams from the 2nd week of this month.
4.Be the president of Mid-autumn festival celebration for my course.
5.Join Canon scrapbook contest.
6.Join for other Uni contests..(t-shirt design,poster,candle drawing....and more until I can't remember)

Today post will all about my uni life,so ,if u r not interested,can switch place now~~heheXD

Get ill for the first week of September,which is the most terrible moment in my life.I'm thinking of maybe I got some kind of 'Orientation phobia' that I forced myself to get sick just because I don't want to see the repeat scene of orietation time as my first year.I even have the thought that I dont want to back to my Uni so early~~~Hmm,btw,I'm back to face all these things.

Sick+incharge for their orientation week+study(cox exam in 2nd week==''')+3 hrs sleep per day for the whole week~~~I nearly collapse. The hardest moment was the time when I look at my bed at 3am and I couldn't go onto it becox I got too lotsa stuffs need to complete in my hand (Sick + in medication weyyy)~~
damn week!!!!
I can't imagine I can be so tough to gone through all these^^

that is my complain~~

First day here,My little buddies birthday...
We played Running Man-Hide n Seek at The Mines and that was the time I first met them (Lee Roy and Jia Ling)
Celebrating Fuwen,Roy and Jia Ling birthday which was in the same month~~
Lee Roy-Bottom left.  Jia Ling-Bottom right

My Da Ge and Ah Di (personally anggap them as my brothers d^^hehe)

Scrapbook cover
Will try my best to blog about the scrapbook that I did if I got time=D

With my batchmates and juniors to OKU home at Pusat Jagaan Siti Nor Aini.
That day my task was just doing some basic body screening for them.
Juniors preparing for some performances

Then,some gatherings with my family members for mid-autumn festival

Realized that I dint take much photos for this month (most pictures here I take from others) although there r a lot of things that worth to snap them down, but I just din't have that mood....Being very moody for the whole September..hmm,still try my best to adapt here~~~

*Smile more,growing stonger and stronger*
I can!!=D

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