My Hello Kitty collections (1)


Since now like 'Heng'(trend) Hello Kitty again~~like you can spot everywhere selling H.K,all the xiao mui mui (little gals) wearing and using H.K products...who cares it is ori or fake one,if that thing got cute H.K printed on it,I think every gals will went mad for it...
Okay I'm one of it!!!

I just can't resist all those cute Hello Kitty~~Maybe because Kitty's things come with pink (my favourite colour) and also got ribbon...LOL

And now I'll present to you all the H.Ks that I've collected for years~~~

  Mc Donald's Hello Kitty 2000...I think start from that time I fall in love with H.K when my aunt bought me my first Hello Kitty the wedding series one..then I started to collect others also.
*Need to queue for very long for only 1 Kitty o but fortunately that time I still very all people queue for me one...I'm so Xin Fu!!!!!* (so I kept all of them like BAO because it was so hard to get them and also the meaning behind every Kitty that were given to me.)
*Some Hello Kitty here are not from Malaysia,from overseas~~~hehehe*
(keep them well in my cupboard for 12 years d....and now only displayed them out~~)My mum keep calling me to keep them back again cox scare later will attract dust and nobody will clean them....

Hello Kitty wedding series~~got Japanese,Chinese,Malay,Korea,Western..
The prove for how hard to get a Kitty~~

I love this格格kitty very much,the most 特别 among others~~

the couple series~~

My laptop with H.K sticker ,H.K mouse(this mouse very tahan..even I use straight 12 hrs a day oso can't spoilt,can emit red and blue colour.NICE^^) and my lovely H.K blanket!)
my 随身H.K~~the wallet.H.K pouch that my bff Chia Earn gave to me from her Melaka vacation.And also my self-bought Hello Kitty Hp hanger=D

For this semester break,I plan to paint my wall with Hello Kitty frame..then I failed to do it.Part of the reason is I'm lazy and then I scare that I might not paint it well and end up my wall will look like kanasai...
So at the end just put up some Hello Kitty wallpapers(Look so childish><)~~heheeheXP

My room is totally Hello Kitty style now!!!

Can I still escape from this Hello Kitty fever???

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