Fruity week.幸福的孩子


This post should be long long time ago...erm, happen in July ,my study week. That time I back for 5 days to STUDY....YES,this time I'm not kidding,I really got study one, walaupun the result I think will turn out 'x memuaskan'..I'm little bit disappointed,btw everything had passed,there is no any time machine here,so just let it......

hemmm..back to tajuk..
This time I back home really gam gam hou the time, my mum school gam gam this time tiok coxsackie virus infection so need to close for more than 1 this mean SHE CAN ACCOMPANY ME FOR MY WHOLE TIME AT HOME!!!! yeah~~~happy kid happy kid jumping~~(even though this infection is not a thing to happy off~~feel sorry for those children~~~)

Glad that I choose the right time to back home...and this time was also my house mango tree bear it's first fruit,my mum purposely keep it carefully to wait me back and let me the first one to enjoy it~~~TT.gandong!!!!

me with all those fruit~~~everyday enjoy different fruits~~'Yes,I'm sai ming with y'all'

This is our house first mango look like~~had peel the skin. The mango is BIGGER than my hand leh~~first time I saw so big mango~~~NO kidding,this one really huge!XP

And my house ampela(I dont know what to call that~~).Taste a little bit sweet and sour,better if mix it with sour plum to make an ampela juice~~~
Bottom one is lime juice~~The lime were also from my home!!!!!Huhuhuu~~~Everyday and night I drank that for all my time at home~~Nourished with lots of Vitamin C!!!!

Okay~~these were not from my home any more~~~My home dint got durian and cempedak tree~~Btw,I still can enjoy lotsa them ~~~Fried cempedak,my all time favorite...

Gosh ,I miss home now, really enjoy that time at home~~~

current updates~
My exam ended!
I just back from Melaka!
And the time u saw this,I probably at Singapore now~~~

Thanks for viewing~

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