A rainbow after I had encounter the downside of my life


You will never know when will your bad luck come to you and it happen like 'tak kena time'.It just happen on my second day of Singapore trip.Wake up quite late on that day because of totally wear off the last night.Thought that I can fully enjoy the Singapore trip because no matter what s going on-'I mean my viva result will out on that day,and I suspect that I can get the viva for package 4(the microbiology and parasitology).No matter I can get or not,I already plan not to back to take the viva board examination.

shocked when get something unwanted!

LOL...sui day mean sui day.....Like God already plan a lesson for me~~~
Hahhaha..I really pray for quite hard that I need to pass that package 4~~~


okay,let see why I still say I sui???cox thing don't really turn out like what as planned~~

Went to Johor on that day because that day is Singapore National day ,and we don't want to spend our day at crowded place.On my way to Johor,online and check for the viva result,it is unbelievable to see my number not at the list of package 4~~~THEN it even more surprised to see my my number at package 5,lol,I SHOCKED at that moment ,mind can't calm down ,like wanna get tachycardia d...

Mind start to think of some maybe~~~

  • maybe because I din't read for any of the ospe,which was quite important~~yeap..I score 0 or 1 out f 10.....too bad.(I just 'ter'-slept,planned to study for whole night for ospe one,after upload some tips at FB...manatau,I just want to sleep for 10 mins....YES,JUST 10MINS,BUT I END UP SLEEP FOR WHOLE NIGHT~~when I wake up at the second day morning,GOSH,this really kill me....shake head all the way till Ospe exam end, yes, I ruined it!!!!
  • maybe they (the lecturers) had elevated the passing marks for this package cox everyone score well  due to some reasons.I had counted my marks before the ospe exam,and I will pass gamgam hou without any ospe marks~~~
My heart can't calm down.That time my housemates Patricia and Evian keep pursuing me back to have that exam.

If I din't back,then I will direct resit,and my holiday will keep going on....
If I back,I take that exam...but then how if I get direct resit for my package 4,cox the resit result will only out the next day...I dun wan take that risk that I back sacrifice my holiday,then i dint pass for package 5,and get direct resit for package 4 then how???'If and only If la'

So,my housemates were too good that they promised to help me check if I'll get the package 4 resit by knocking door by door to find any lecturers that are willing to help by reveal the result earlier....but NONE of the lecturer wanna help...

then,means I will get resit or not is an unknown!
so back or not??I'm in Johor now, queuing almost 1 hour to eat famous curry fish head..
Still got time for me to think..that time they still pursuing me back....
long queue infront of the 'kim long curry fish head restaurant'

Each get their own bowl of curry fish head

dunno why I still have mood to camshot~~ = =

I like not into anything that time,mind keep thinking how could these all happen on me...asking my aunty to make a decision for me,she said just make it simple...YES or NO...up to me..  

Lol...finally after the long queue for that curry fish head,I made a decision...

I WILL BACK!since I had more confidence that I can pass this package...

Cheated for 6 times!

LOLsui day means it will not leave u all day...
Bought a STARMART 3pm bus ticket at larkin bus station after I double-confirmed with them that the bus will depart on time and is a non-stop bus!

After I hopped on that bus,man,i super regret!

I'm the one that you cannot cheat on me for more than twice!!

Starmart,you had done a great job!I've counted ,you have cheated me for 6 times...6 times!!!!This is more than enough!

  1. The bus arrived only at 3.15pm...This one I can bear it,just 15 mins late.
  2. Then,I've waited on the bus until 4pm,with a reason that you need to full the bus.
  3. I bought your bus ticket,because I put my trust on your so-called NON-STOP! But then, seem like I am a totally pure person that I believed it! The bus stop for 30 mins after it had just moved away from the bus station only to wait for another bus driver to come~~~(5pm d,I'm still stuck at the area near the bus station and JB area were getting traffic jam at this moment)
  4. Still want to complain that 'non-stop',the bus had stopped for a total of 4 times all the journey just for waiting the bus driver,toilets and dropping passengers at Seremban!PLEASE DON'T PUT UP YOUR NON-STOP SIGN SO THAT IT WOULDN'T CONFUSE CUSTOMER LIKE ME!
  5. The ticket seller told me that it only takes 3 and half hour to reach KL.The bus will reach KL before 7pm. But now it is impossible d if u read the 2nd statement .
  6. You said the bus will stop at TBS first! Suppose to be like that!!! But you direct go to puduraya first without any notice to the passenger!
The last one makes me broke into tears in front of the bus driver after they told me that they will stop at pudu station for 30 mins first before going to TBS and it is 9pm d.My mind keep asking,when will only I arrived at TBS,10pm???  I asked them if they had any taxi driver contact no which can fetch me direct from pudu to my hostel.The bus driver like sensed something wrong with me (red eyes , tension to get away from here),so they direct leaved pudu station after dropping some passengers. On the way to TBS,some of them were comforting me telling me that we almost reached TBS d..Okay,this is touching but when you had done something wrong means you did it! Don't try to compensate after you had hurt me so much!!!

Guy,you have to know this,this is quite true
'女人是记仇的’ The woman is vengeful.

This explain why I mention STARMART here,because I would like to keep it here so that I wouldn't forget how I've been cheated!

Don't take Starmart if you are rush of time!!!


They rushing here and there for me!

The main purpose of writing this post!!!--I want to thanks my housemates and roommates!!!

Thanks to y'all encouragement.
TQ that you guys had called me back when I were hesitated there doing nothing and thinking whether back is a good decision or not!

Thank Q to my housemates for knocking door by door to find lecturers that willing to give any hint about the resit result for me!

Thanks to Evian and Patricia that encourage me all the way when I'm on the bus on the way back to KL.I'm totally  helpless that time with nothing to read just my handphone with me only~~I'm really very stress that time,sorry if always disturbing u guys calling u all finding this and that for me.

Glad that u all had prepared all the final and ospe questions for me so that I can save my time without need to search them one by one when I'm back! 

Finally thanks to Kim,my dear roommates!!! TQ that u're still willing to study along with me although u dint get viva and sleep late because of this.And wake up early to test me all the questions so that I can answer fluently in front of the lecturers...I'm touched!!!

What I had done to get such a good treatment from you guys???

There's not enough time to tell u guys this because of rushing back to SG again!
BTW I'll write it here to remember these forever!!!

Thank you so much!!!!I don't know what to say anymore......

A rainbow

Got people said that when you had bad luck to the max,you'll get good luck then~~~
  Is true!!!

For my viva exam, I answered all my question fluently and correctly! I also cannot believed that! Even Dr. Taufik said that I impressed him because of my quickness and accurateness.Everyone takes about 20 mins for this session but I only took 5 mins to complete all the questions! Dr Cheah,Hafizah and Taufik smilling all the way when I finished my viva exam and told me I did a great job! I knew that I had passed it,yeah!!!!!

Never feeling so great before, thanks to my housemates,without u guys I think I cannot did this!

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