everything change change change~~~


erm, 2 months I have not back to my hometown and found out that really many things had changes...

One day, I drive thru the Pekan rabu here which also known as the malay street then suddenly saw that the 'flyover bridge' -i duno how to call that....had change to a escalator one...my first espression was like..walao eh, since when kedah become so ' high- tech' d~~~~

'赞' or  big 'like' to our Kedah government which become so considerate
and and and the mango tree that my mom plant now has bear fruit d....happy for it=D.She had waited for 4 years.
My mom very excited that when I first step into the house, she told me to have a look at the mango and also take picture of it...btw I dint have that luck to eat it~~~emm
the first three mangos~~=D

then I had to 'supersize' my wardrobe also cox I knew that I will seldom back home and I dunid so lot of clothes in it...so I pack it all to boxes~~~~heehee=P
now my wardrobe has more space now and I can take more clothes back to fill in~~~
and the one that ...erm....really accidentally happen
u see my hair so long d ,right?

then it suddenly become so short..........TT

I told the stylist to just trim my hair abit , but then she said she will just cut 2 inch of it, then I just let it..

manatau....after I look at my hair, nonononono...that is not 2 inch,I think she cut it more than 10cm....my goodness,I totally speechless....DEar hairstylist,u know I need about more than 10 months to have like that long???now u cut it like u r weeding??

and now I changed to a medium-long hair one (just accidentally)

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