don't want this anymore


I'm quite emotional recently.

2.course project
3.I'm missing home=(
4.Not enough rest and sleep.

I just don't want to put a negative post here,cox I will always check back my previous post and this would leave a sad memory~~~

btw, I just need a place for me to vent out my feeling.

Ya, because of my course project, I quite neglect my exam. Din't even bother to read it until a few days before the exam start. So, I think I got this pre and post exam stress. 18sets of note to read for exam and I just finished 7~~Not even until half. and because of this, sure then will not get a satisfied result lar,will fail tim~~~
then so,post-exam stress...

Okay,then now about the course project.Yup,I admit I very interested in it cox it is about business,selling thing and making money~~ But ,thing sometime will not get so smooth especially I myself as a leader of it. Being a leader is really not easy when u gave your teammate a task and they din't complete or manage to do it nicely, and finally u need to cover up for them. Sometimes,it just let me feel like y I'm the one who like doing many ppl jobs. And sometimes I would really feel like want to kneel down and pray to God,please let my teammates more initiative and lessen my burden.

Next, I'm staying at my uni here for more than 1 month already.I really really miss home when the time I pass my exam,doing well in something or participate in anything.I just want to share it with my parents.Phone call is not enough~~there is just too many things that happen in this 1 month either good or bad. Playing with my dogs, rest alone in my own room without thinking of anything,eat my mom homemade delicacies, pei my mom go and gai gai...........there is a lot lot things I want to do it at home and I need to wait for 1 month more to be back to home. And just now after a phone call with mum and knew that she got sick make me more guilty. I'm desperate to go back home. Anyone hear that?

exam and project just lead me to a sleepless one,maybe about 3-4 hrs sleep per day this week.When I din't sleep well,then u will see me listless wholeday, and also I don't like to talk or chat~~cox it will waste my brain energy (personal belief) u can ignore this,hahaXD,erm then..emo again lo~~~

I don't like to emo,but I know the main factor of it is I dint get enough sleep tats y I will think a lot of bo bo thing and make myself into a bad mood...

And so,hehe,this weekend I gave myself a complete rest.No activities except ko-ku.and only start reading at sunday night,because the next day got kenegaraan and english exam...1 night should enough for that~~heheXD

say siu siu to tat bad mood~~~

Btw my fren still said I din't look emo.Am I???

maybe becox of I gt some ways of pulling myself out of that .Hearing music,watching movie .these r all wat I done when I knew that me myself in a bad mood.

So,after that I will be more okay=D

and recently,out of bo shu zou...I go and take out my calligraphy set which I take here from home.
pratice my calligraphy and also

me first time try out chinese brush drawing (shui mo hua)

not bad right?hiakhiakXD

and I'm watching this movie recently.Nice!^^

Xiu Xiu for bad emo feeling~~~

Smile alwaysXD

Thanks for viewing.

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