This is my first time create my own troll comic><

Then,just let me cerita cerita sikit for my new sem la~~~
My feeling after receive my new time table.WTF!pack dao!

Large view
Ya,I really really start my new sem with a extremely good mood.I swear to study hard,and no more ponteng......


yup,the timetable ruin it all T.T sad sad sad....

Y need to be so pack??

and now it just the 2nd week of my new sem but already got a lot of feelings crushed on me..

Just this 2 weeks only,I had experienced flu,tired,stress,emo~~~

Even I myself also can't accept that this new Sem changed me so lot~~~
Tian ahhh,who wanna rescue me out of this???

I hope that all the bad feelings will fast fast go away,
ehemm,looking forward through it><

For everyone and me,
even though how hard the life is,
still must brave brave walk through it!
Be strong and happy=D

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