A post that tell....


Actually I'm here to write about my Hatyai vacation, but bcox,duno y, I think I start lomo liao..I forget which folder I put all those photos into..and I had spent about 1 hrs just searching for it==''' and still din't have...

then nvm...postpone it...

and something bad happened to Hatyai, Thailand recently .Suddenly, felt that me and my family were so fortunate that if we late a week to there,then something bad may happen on us..Thanks God..We r blessed to have a wonderful and happy vacation there=)

So,today is my second day of my 2nd semester....I never felt so tired before.The class timetable was too pack to me.It started at 8am and end at 5pm..Sometime may even until 6pm with only 1hr lunch break.....There is no more any break between lectures..........Hmmm....I think I gonna to say bye bye to here for a while....[Just let me breath although I felt that writing and posting here is part of my routine,something that I mux update and I never gonna leave here=D So, guys,don't worry]

Still will put one photo here=D

a photo taken at Maybelline=)

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