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Today,after so tired/ boring of K-book...then decided to try this out---Calligraphy.
I haven't write this for a long time but after watch these drama---《步步惊心》 and 《香火the descendant》。They just ignite my interest in calligraphy again...

So this time I try to imitate the calligraphy of the descendant  theme song because their words really very nice!

after a while...tadaaa....
I think I failed jorr.....look not same at all!Btw I ♥ this type of method of copying the lyric of the descendant.

If u duno what The descendant is...u can watch it on Ntv7,10pm,weekday only!
This drama really awesome.
Watch it cox  the theme song damn nice!
Gt my favorite actress also-Debbie Goh.
Watch this and compare the writing with mine la...hahaha..u will shake head....

Not related post
Just to share....

What I bought with the Rm200 voucher the government gave...
I spent rm100 at Borders cox thought that they will free a Starbucks drink but after I paid the voucher then only they told me they have run out of stock....Wth!!!!!(Y NOT TOLD ME EARLIER????)
Bought these at Borders .(just simply pick cox I no time) 3 are religious books and 1 Chinese book.

Then,spent another Rm100 at Popular.Just for Stationary!=) Cox I don't want to just buy book....

Notice that Flexible book lamp?cost me almost 30bucks. Cox I think I might use it,
cox I m always the last-min K-book person,and worst of all,I k it at bus somemore. Usually I use my hp light,but now I can use this!

But then after I buy it.take back home.read carefully.
It state there,the lamp can just run for 10hrs....&%^&#
This mean I bought LIGHT for rm3 per hr....
wahahaha....so stupid.

OK..That's all.
Thanks for viewing♥

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