A night to rmbr??? The Medic Nitezzz


It happened a month ago.
8.00pm at Berjaya Times Square Hotel.

Yup...finally the day we're waiting for arrived. And this also means we'll gonna stop our one semester of practice. Say a big BYE to the hell night training~~
erm,maybe a good news to us too cox next sem won't like that busy anymore...at the same time is a bad news for us too, we'll gonna miss the moment we practice hard together...TT
Special thanks to our dance teacher Celine ChenYue for her hard work and also Kok Onn that always the peacemaker in our group. I think without both of them our group dance will not be so successful=)

modern dance group photo with senior~~

with my pretty housemates♥

and my buddies~~

Hahaha~~this is my dance partner-Kok Onn

Want to see my performance?
It is a nice one...I GUARANTEE=P

Dance theme-korean pop dance.
Song-Goodbye baby-Miss A
Tonight-Big Bang
Be Mine-Infinite
Roly Poly-T-ra
Without U- Miss A+2pm

And also my current updates....
undergo my 1 month semester break now,but will early end it cox I need to retake exam...sob sob TT
will go Genting AGAIN tomorrow..WTH...for 4 days somemore..duno how I will survive there,damn boring......
after back from Genting then will go Penang...whee=D ♥ this place so much
then the final place to go for my sem break---Thailand(my family trip♥)

that's all
Thanks for viewing

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