A sudden decision


I'd make a sudden decision a day before yesterday

that is I will go home TODAY !!!
I'm going back for 10days!!!

Hahahaha..friends at hometown, this is not a JOKE!

cox I'm going back for STUDY ~~~~

These 10 days are my study weeks and after that is my FINAL EXAM....

Actually I'm not suppose to go back but stay at my hostel room to study, but there are pile of reasons why I'm choosing to go back home ~~

1. I din't have any roommate,only housemates...then why?

Cox,I ♥  to hang around in web, listening to music, watching MV and I spend around 8 hrs per day on that.
That means I'm dating my laptop almost the time....
There is no urge to study cox I'm ALONE in my room, No people study in front of me. No people advice me to stop playing with comp~~~haizz~~(Disadvantages of occupying the whole room without any roommate.)

2.Our hostel cafe had been closed for almost 2 months....

FYI,there is only one cafe in our hostel supplying over thousand of ppl, and the worst of all is it closed without any notice that when it will reopen~~~and mostly we need to walk to Hospital Serdang to have our meal. Kindly sad, there is the only place we can get our food. Because there is no any shops around but only our faculty and a hospital....

Then, we are not allowed to bring any electric appliances here but we were provided with a kitchen...So funny,right?
BTW we bought rice and induction cooker ourselves and just dint have a refrigerator only
that means cannot store food > no raw ingredients > difficult to cook a meal

so mah no food to eat lo...

Hahaha,what I want to comment is,they like to see us starve to death~~~~

3.At least,mummy can watch over me at home
calling me to study~~hahaha >.< and got food to eat~~hehe=)


I need to carry these duno hw many kg of lecture notes and references books back.
Do u notice my 5 months lecture notes is already the same height as my 500ml bottle and the most unbelievable part is I need to complete it within 10days~~~God Bless~~

Just wishing myself good luck~~~(praying for a hard disk like brain~~~)

For my course mates and housemates ~~DO your Best la!!!!

PS: for hometown friends. If I got outing also, I maybe will not spend more than 2 days for that~~hehe,forgive me=P

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