I'm seriously get infected by something called~~~"Charlie"


It happens on me during my study week or maybe 14/2....Hahahaha...get a kiss from somebody called

Charlie(what Malaysian call it)

No doubt .It is an insect that I hated very much and usually appear at the northern part of Malaysia only....so ppls from other part ,they may not know about this...

Tell u all one thing:
It has a toxin called Pederin which when u contact with it...then I will smile at u and say bye bye...no more smooth skin...It give a really big effect on your skin (explain laterXP)

so it look like this....
(pic from Wiki) given a really nice name call---Paederus Rove beetles

and what Wiki describe...super true (100% compatible with my case)

and now the time for some scary thing...muahahahahaXD

self demonstrate...pity T.T

this is the first appearance....usually asymptomatic for first 24hrs...
(look like just an insect bite right right right?)
who will know is caused by this Charlie...damn it

then the inflammation on the skin start to spread~~~(this is another area on my skin)

start to spread until more worst~~
owh~~the paling teruk place on my body~~

hehehehehe....he jump he fly to here~~

My neck...T.T.....
xbody can help me........

Aware of this Thing!
Charlie a.k.a Paederus Rove beetles..

I will kill u..
cause me suffer until wanna cry...

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