♥My awesome 2011♥


Suppose to write this post a week ago which is the summarize of my 2011,but there are a lot of things happening recently-me celebrating the new year,shopping for CNY cox I din't buy any stuff for my coming CNY yet,and EXAM~~~~

Well,2011 is really awesome.Y?
It is so happening~~
From Matriculation to working then study Med at UPM...all happened in one year (can't believed it)
Cox previously my life is just that dull secondary life that keep repeating every year with same people same school same teachers....boring~~~

The most memorable event during my Matriculation study~~Me as part of a member of the committees of CNY and also participating in the dance,that time we all like freaking busy and none of us can also focus on our studies btw we all are very sporting and nobody complains that's why our CNY event was so successful 
Our hard works paid off after lots of preparation...our continuous 3 days CNY event was so successful ...WORTH!

Then, a vacation of me with KMK-ians at Langkawi~~

I and my KMK roommates fighting for our PSPM which is our final~~~the room is so untidy but not my place~~wakakakaXP
Photos of us stay up late together,everytime there is an exam,we dint sleep together...I miss that moment~~
I very proud because I have the roommates that share so much similarities--one of it is study last minutes but we all can score good result also~~~who cares it is last minutes,right?

Okay,until the April of 2011,that's mean my life at Matriculation have come to an end...

Then,I started to work cause it is freaking boring to stay at home cox nobody chat with me somemore nobody cook for me....
So, I challenged myself to work two works..hahaha,at first I want to be a salesgirl,cox I pretty good at selling out something and I'm interested in business and I never do other works other from teaching kids at my mum scl~~~
But then,thing never get smooth....cox there sure got ppl who 'membantah'..
So, morning I work at mum kindergarten and afternoon&night,I teach at Kumon...

If you ask me if i would ever regret of taking 2 jobs and it is freaking tired...
I'm sastified with my decision cox I never experienced these before...

Btw,thanks to my job also~~~I got lots lots of holidays which I can go for a vacation with my family

First time went to the Universal Studios of Singapore with my mum and aunty~~

Then,to Langkawi~~~
wow,this year really went to Langkawi for numerous time whether with friends or family

then,the first time of me trying out parachute and it is AMAZING~~~
will try it again next time I went there~~

Then,my secondary school 100 years anniversary which held at July 2011...

 Me attending my students graduation which is held at 11.11.11 this year~~~

Grate that this year I met a lot of new peoples..
From hundreds of students,their parents,colleagues ,housemates,buddies,course mates and so on~~
with all my pretty housemates~~

My buddies
And I really want to include this in my 2011 also,cox I spent my rest of 2011 dancing with them..
No,accurately is almost every night from the mid of September till now...and not finished yet...
very 长气 right...that's y I want to include this thing in my 2011.
This moment is really freaking tired ,everyday from 8pm till 12 something~~
Hope that that day during Medic Nite we can perform really well~~~

And also my first time as a volunteer of Dogathon 2011~~~

And I dyed my hair too

This year really awesome with lots of first time included first time I bought a Samsung SL with my own $$,first time I get a phobia of something,because that time really scary that me almost die that time...
okay,avoid unhappy topic~~~

My 2011 is pretty cool...
Opps,miss something ...that is my about my love life..
really need to thanks to somebody that I can be more mature~~~
Okay,this year still remain single...
wakakaka..so what?

Photo of 2011

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