Happy Chinese New Year!


Huhuhu~~Tomorrow is the biggest day for all of the Chinese!!!
super damn excited!

Pre-Cny with my housemates at K17
A few days before CNY~~~

Guess what we r doing????

Hahahaa~~~ we are writing our wishes at the "Kong Ming Deng" (aka wishing lantern).
This is the first time which I write and put up the lantern myself and with them.Hehehe,rupa-rupanya,girls also can,cox all of the time the boys will settle this thing~~wakakaka...

and then we put it up in our 'kolej' although it is prohibited~~
New Year leh~~can 通情通情吧~~haha=D

Then is the pre-CNY at my hometown~~~
will going to put these firecrackers tonight

Done my nail manicure today=)

Then is my wishes for this New Year~~~

Hope that I will be more mature~~'perhaps'...haha=D
Be more discipline ..for example: reduce the frequency of ponteng or no ponteng at all...hehe
Self-control in money expense~~so that I can get myself the thing I want.for example:an Ipad!
More hardworking-if now I rate 1 star for myself then I hope that I will increase to 2 0r 3 stars...hehe=)

Happy Chinese New Year!
Be happy ya=D

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