My new method of study ^^


Ya,I 通宵 again for assessment  in the morning.
Erm,my assessment will never end,it will repeat repeat repeat everyday Monday....Sien nia =.=
So, you will think why like everyday I will hear this girl stay up late for her assessment,blah blah blah thing..(Cox she is a last-minute girl and she can't finish that stack OF lecture notes..conclusion...she has NO CHOICE!)

Okay,first I admit I'm not a very very hardworking one,so of course is lazy lo..
Then, I will blame that boring lecture notes with just black in who will like to read that(crazy meh~~~),it is so boring k~~

And then so every time until assessment  I will like read my lecture note once only then I will go for my exam..yeng rite?If I am hardworking enough and I have plenty of time then I will go for twice(but this seldom happen)hahaXD...

Okay,this is my 'everytime' study method...
still highlight?

still jot down something?
But thanks God,today I find out the new method that seems more interesting(to me la),and it has make my lecture notes alive!...The above method really useless to me now,cox u know I only read once so highlighting and jotting really useless cox I won't go and read them for second time ,and highlighting it will not let the information  bind at my brain like chewing ya,that is why my lecture notes always look so new!heheXP

Nah,my new method of study~~
I draw and start to write something WEIRD~~

and add something seems more interesting right(got colour somemore leh)
Next time I will tell my patient.Hey,u know u r very amazing mah?cox u r carrying 40 litres of water.....hiaxhiaxXP

ya..the older one will decrease in everything except that FAT!!!!!!

R u sure IV injection will have 100% bioavailabity? ...wait until your patient is an infant ....

If a doctor still want to do an X-ray for u when u have a serious injury like after accident or what....SLAP HIM/HER IF YOU STILL CAN!!!heheheXP this my my new found study method,hope that it is helpful to me

thanks for viewing♥

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