♥My 19th Birthday♥


This is the second year I celebrated my birthday away from my home.The first year is last year which was in the Matric and now in Selangor.This year is really a different kind of experience when I celebrated it with so many new friends.Super Touched when I saw my housemates ,buddies and friends do so many surprise for me.

A day before my Birthday~~
My表姐-Joo Ann invited me out a day before that and we celebrated it at Sungei Wang Plaza.Thanks ya for the snowflakes , my favorite ice-cream and the time u spent just for celebrating it with me♥

Ya,finally that day can meet up with my BFF from matric liao.Miss her so much and we never saw each other  after we end our Matric.Have our lunch at Canton-I,The Gardens.

and also with my bff from my hometown.Thanks Ya Siau Jing for specially come from Johor and also Yeesan....Haven't met Siau Jing for so long cox our schedule were not same at all,but this time after 8 months,we can see each other....hehe:)

Cute Siau Jing..Muz CAmwhore lot lot with her cox next time wanna see her need long time liao...

4 of my BFF...

After that need to wait for my another BFF whick take flight from Alor Star and will reach late
Finally she arrived with super duper cute cupcakes (Dunno she get from where,she refuse to tell me....)

Thx ya ...Miss 3+2 and Wen Kai...

After a whole day out,then need to rush backto my kolej to celebrate with my buddies.

*This is the part that I feel very sorry of.....DINT EVEN HAVE ANY PHOTO SNAPPED cox that time my phone already in low battery mode.Okay,My 2nd year buddy did a surprise for me which lighted candles all around my cakes...and I required to blow them off in a single blow!!!!Thought I'm what ah?!!大嘴巴meh??!!HahaXD.Feel so happy that my senior (2nd yr and 3rd year) celebrate with me.I never thought that will happen!Anyway super touched that they willing to spare their time even though they got assessment the next day*

And then,after that with my coursemates....
THEY COOKED!!!!ya they cooked spaghetti for me....heheheXP..super ♥ when got somebody cooked something for me....

and also my cake♥

with my gal coursemates♥

The Most lovable-tablelamp.from Chia Earn...HahahahaXD..I'm now use it everyday!!!HeheheXP

The Most pratical-wire cube from Siau Jing.Haha.Wonder how she know that I got many wires on my table...now I got the solution for it.:)

The Most Wearable-dress from Miss Ccy.Thx ya.I'm gonna wear it for my students graduation day later...

The Most Useable-dress mirror from my Bff Anngie.Want to put it at my bag but I scare I will spoil it so I still keep it..hahaXP

The Most delicious-CHOCOLATE (my favorite) from my cobuddies-Fiona & Heng Yap!

The Most Special-Medical book for Dummies from 2nd year buddy Alistair.At first I dunno what is dummies about...then my housemates tell me dummies is stupid...so......I very kekqi that time!Hey I'm not stupid ,k???!!!! Then after that I checked...dummies is mean假人by chinese and patung by malay...NOT STUPID LA!!!!!!okay la,I hope the book will useful for me ONE DAY......hahahaXP

And finally the most craziest one~~T-panty and Kotex from my housemates...真的很谢谢你们!!!and also u all sang the birthday song for me even though that day u all r super tired d!!!

Finally I here thanks everyone for celebrating my birthday with me and also the presents!!!
Thanks ya♥

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