Peranakan Museum In Singapore (part 2)


This is a continue post from Peranakan Museum In Singapore (part 1).

Recently only discovered these photos from my Singapore album and decided to continue to write the last part.Will try my best to recall everything back although it already past for 3 months...hehehe><

I have wrote about the origins,wedding and nyonya at the part 1 so now I'm gonna write about religion, public life ,food and feasting .

This is the Thia Besar aka Big hall.Nowadays we called it as living room:)
The This Besar was used to receive important guests.Children,especially young girls were usually not allowed into this room where male guests is present.

This is the Sam Kai Altar (三界)(right hand side).Sam Kai means three worlds and refers to Heaven ,Earth and Man.The Sam Kai was dedicated to Ting Kong-The Jade Emperor-the most important delty worshipped by the Peranakan Chinese.It was considered so Holy that only the elder male family members were allowed to touch the altar.


Mirror mirror on the wardrobe......
crazy me actually shot a lot of pictures in front of those OLD wardrobes,but now when I look back to those picture...a little bit of  scary feel now...eeee ==

Dressing table with oval mirror

Don't know what this type of wardrobe and mirror called..hehe:)

The front door of their house look like...

Don't know what is this called 2

Don't know what is this called 3...hahahaXD

Okay..I know these..These is the Tempat Sireh .Tempat Sireh was sometimes placed on the tea table during the tea ceremony.It was also customary for family elders to be served sireh during weddings

Temple doors with Door God images
Do you believed there is Christians among Peranakan too?
Here is the Christian Altar sideboard to prove it!

The altar was owned by a Singapore Peranakan family who converted to Catholicism. It bears typical Taoist motifs of Peranakan Chinese altars including dragons, phoenixes and the three star gods of good fortune, prosperity and longetivity.

Now Chinese altar...

This is Tan Kim Seng Altar Plaques
look very familiar right??It was used in the drama 小娘惹。。。heheXD


Their kitchen

Peranakan ceramics dishes

I only know this one cause i remember inside the 小娘惹 ,they called it as kamcheng,which use in their wedding ceremony.

This is how they set their dining table.
I actually don't know what this wardrobe function put their dishes only?

Never seen such a big tray before

My aunty helping me chopping those thing while I busy snapping photo

Okay..thats all.Finish d!

Thanks for viewing♥

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